Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Midweek update.

 Midweek update starts right now. Video games: I have been playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time. Do you know how cheap that game is? And by cheap, I mean it's unfair at times and it's hard. I don't even know how people didn't rage quit back when this first came out. I remember playing it when I first got it and I couldn't pass the first level. Now, same thing. Whatever. It's still fun playing it. I got farther on Links Awakening Dx. I tried replaying Duck Tales 1 and 2. That's still as hard as I remember. I replayed Darkwing Duck. 

 I have been noticing some emulators will let you do some things and others won't. It's kinda annoying. I know they want to be paid for their time, but I want to make sure my roms work correctly, rant over. I recently picked up a PS1 to stuff a Raspberry Pi computer into it. This weekend, I got some progress done on the controller / memory card ports. I want to place the USB extension cords in the memory card slot, but have the memory card doors still close so it looks stock from the front. Well that is proving hard to do. I can stick the USB cords farther back, but I would have to push really hard to get whatever usb plug I'm plugging in to seat properly. And some of the peripherals I want to use later won't be small enough to stick in there. So I think I'm gonna have to have the USB extension connector flush with the front panel. It's gonna look funny but I didn't want to cut other holes in the front I didn't have to. And I'm trying to figure out how to use the stock power and reset buttons. 

The ports got kinda hacked, cause the plastic was so brittle.

 And something else I wanted to do was, keep the disc drive. Most people just remove the disc drive and keep the lid closed. I want to actually keep this so again, it looks stock as possible.

I trimmed as much of the disc drive as I could to save space on the inside. 
Well last time I said I was waiting for "summer" music. Well Melissa, won a free mp3 download from Dr. Pepper and she chose Summer by Calvin Harris. It's actually pretty good too.

I really haven't found anything post worthy lately, but I did find this:

 That's all I have for this midweek update. Till next time. 

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