Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend review 6/21/14 - 6/22/14.

 Alright so Melissa had to go over to her brothers house for a couple days to house sit. Thursday we decided that I would just go home and come over to the brothers house Friday night after work. I was like sweet I get to mess around with xbmc and psmc. So I get home, turn on the computer and fire up both media centers. I wanted to see which one does which and go from there. I'm sitting in the living room and start up the ps3. I try xbmc and it's still not playing movies or even letting me find them. Okay, fine, I try psmc and it works. I'm streaming whatever I want. I fire up some High School Of The Dead and start eating dinner. I finish dinner and want to go to bed and watch another episode of HOTD. I turn on the Blu-ray player and select psmc. HOTD won't play. It's choppy and will not play.

 I look online real quick, can't find anything except Sony Blu-ray players can't stream m4v. I go back and try xbmc and it still won't work. I'm like fuck it I'm going to bed. Friday morning I reinstall xbmc and I don't let it scrape data for the movies. I feel there might be something to do with scraping data and issues I had. If I troubleshoot enough, I can scrape the data later. I don't have time to test it. After work, I get to Melissa's brothers house. We eat some dinner. I'm playing around with his TiVo and harmony remote with hi def tv. That remote is really damn cool by the way. We go in the hot tub and relax. 

After some really bad sleep in a strange lumpy ass bed, I stumble looking for coffee or something. Melissa made the waffle iron cinnamon rolls again. Amazing again. I'm drinking my coffee, still trying to wake up. After we get ready, I pull some of my stuff out of their storage so I can finally take it home. I unload my car and Melissa and I head out to the fair. Friday morning I had set out our chairs, so we wouldn't have to fight for seating. We had a some really good fair food. We were enjoying the beautiful day and each others company. We jumped in the car from the fair and headed to Albertsons. After Albertsons we walked over to Walgreen's, grabbed some snacks and headed to our seats. It was like 75 plus degrees and we had like a two and a half hour wait for the parade to start. We started getting fried in the sun. The parade started late again, this year. We were already tired of sitting when the parade started. The parade wasn't bad, but we were sitting towards the end of the route and all the people were really tired so they were barely performing. The parade ran long, so the fireworks started while we were still trying to get our seats packed up.

  We got a couple of good pictures of the fireworks.
Sunday, we had a baby shower to go to. This was going to be a long day, having to deal with crackheads and bullshit. Before we left, I fired up my computer, started xbmc, turned on my blu-ray player and tried some streaming. I tried HOTD because I knew it was a m4v file format. It did not work, which I figured. I tried an mp4 and it worked perfectly. So after my few minutes of testing, I had to shut down and leave for the baby shower. After a long day we were home. We had to wait for the Comcast guy to show up and install our new X1 dvr. We were paying for standard def triple play package. With this new deal we got the x1 for the same price, upgraded channel package with hd for the same amount of the standard def package. This is not a sales pitch by any means. After the installer left, we had to try and figure out this new dvr. The channel up and down buttons won't work. The dvr auto tunes to hd, which is fine, but it won't do the same for recordings, meaning we will have to relearn every single channel we regular use, to find the hd channel. This is gonna take awhile to get used to. I wanted to run a couple of cables in my entertainment center I never had a chance to when we moved in and the installer was an absolute no go. He didn't even want pull the tv down off the mount to plug in my hdmi cable. Really?! How in the hell, are supposed to hook up a dvr? I understand liabilities, but damn, c'mon. So again, I was not able to run the cables and wires they way I wanted to. And to top it off, the only available hdmi connection was on the side of the tv. What if my tv didn't come with 5 fucking hdmi connections! What were you gonna do then!? Not install my new dvr!? Rant over, but I'm still pissed. New tvs nowadays only have two or three hdmi connections to begin with. What are people supposed to do then?

 How do people hook up a dvr, game consoles, blu-ray players, Rokus, Chromecasts, Tivos, Ouyas and all that? even some receivers only come with four hdmi inputs and one outputs. Whatever. Monday morning, I turned on my computer and fire up xbmc again. I turned on the ps3 and started xbmc. I started streaming HOTD to try the m4v, there was no problems. I tried another mp4 and it worked. I will update more on the midweek update. Sunday night when I had a few minutes, I tried running some more files through my ps3.

 I got a few going and I even got some surround sound enabled files to actually output surround sound. it was very damn cool. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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