Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend review 6/28/14 - 6/29/14.

 Friday night we watched Frozen, but not to be confused with "You wanna build a snowman?" It had Iceman from X-Men in it. So it was a good movie, but a few things made me mad. First, they're skiing. They are bundled up in clothes, but the whole movie, you don't see them zip up the face part of their jackets or put their hands inside of their jackets and they never put their hoods on. Whatever, I get it's a movie and they can't cover their face cause of the microphone.

I had to mow the lawn and Melissa had a bachelorette party to go to that night. So I started installing Xbmcubuntu on the throw away computer. I had to drop Melissa off and when I got back I finished the install. Everything actually worked. I shared a couple movies from my regular computer to the throw away. The files played perfectly. I populated the DVD covers and it was all good. Here in lies the problem. I only have the 160 gig hard drive from the throw away computer. A 60 gig hard drive and my new internal hard drive in my computer now with all my media. I have another basic computer in another room that has a 500 gig hard drive in it. 

 So I'm having problem with how would I setup the throw away? Do I take the 500 gig and install xbmcubuntu on it? Do I take the 500 and install xbmcubuntu on that computer itself and not take the drive out for the throw away? The computer with the 500 gig is a fully working computer so I didn't really want to mess with it, but it's older so I don't think that xbmcubuntu would run well on it. The throw away is newer with more ram and a better processor. So I don't know what I'm going to do at this point and I can't mount a second hard drive in xbmcubuntu because I can't get to the desktop. In other media center news, I got some of my digital movies to play surround sound on my receiver. I will touch more on that on the midweek update

Melissa had a bridal shower to go to, so I just sat home popped in HOTD DVD and just relaxed. You might ask why I didn't stream HOTD. I will say, I have been messing with stream this, stream that and I wanted to just pop it in and watch it. That's about it for my weekend review. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

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