Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend review for 6/14/14 - 6/15/14.

 Friday night we watched Devils Knot about the West Memphis 3. It had some big name stars in it. It was a really good movie and it stayed true to what I have watched on all the different documentaries. Those 3 boys should have never been killed and those 3 teenagers at the time should have never been convicted. It's an injustice. Definitely check it out.

We didn't do much and it was nice. We had Ajs Burger and Fries for lunch. I mowed the lawn. And we just relaxed. I even fired up my slim PS2 and tried playing GTA San Andreas. That was very, very interesting. I hadn't fired my PS2 up in a long time. Saturday night we watched a zombie movie called The Returned. It was an awesome movie. It had a different premise on the zombie movies. What if you could save a person from becoming a zombie after they have been bit, would you? Next we watched 9/11: Stories In Fragments. This was a really good movie too. It was about artifacts from 9/11 given to the museum from people who were actually involved in that day. After that we started watching 16 Acres. This was about what people and business' had invested in the World Trade Center's location. We didn't get to finish it, but it looked good.

Melissa made a new find on Pinterest cinnamon roll cooking technique.

 These cinnamon rolls turned out amazing. I never knew that you could cook cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron. We are definitely doing this again very, very soon. We got to have another relaxing day. We have been going and going lately, so it was nice to just do nothing. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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