Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Midweek update.

 Monday night I decided I was going to mess around with the game room PC. I hooked it up to the tv and fired it up. Man, oh man, is that thing loud. Me using this as an always on server, is kinda not looking so good now. I tried another scraper for the movie data. I chose the universal movie scraper and it still has problems! I don't even know what to do. And now every time I connect to the office pc, it shows some MAC error. Just another thing on "figure it out" list. In Handbrake news, I have had numerous problems with subtitles showing up correctly for Underworld Rise Of The Lycans. So decided to try it one last time, one with English vob sub and one with cc closed captions. I played them on the office computer and there was no problems, but there isn't problems with subtitles on that computer. I put both copies on my tablet. I had been dreaming about being able to play both files. Tuesday morning, I finally had a couple minutes and tried the files. Ta da! Both files played perfectly and both files played the subtitles correctly. No blur, no stretched out text and no green ring around the text. What the hell!? I'm happy it worked, but why is it doing this? This happened on X-Men also.

 I'm trying an experiment, I'm trying to use the "high profile" preset on Handbrake, but not use the m4v extension. Default file extension for high profile is m4v. I want to see if it works. I use the high profile setting for all my cartoons and tv shows. The problem with using high profile is, it won't stream to our Blu-ray player and some smart tv's can't play m4v files. I won't go back and re-do any movies, but I wanted to try it on High School Of The Dead. I want to be able to stream that anywhere.

 Tuesday night I played the HOTD files and of course they worked in VLC. I reorganized a couple of folders for my movies, so Alien is in it's own folder and then Alien Directors Cut is in it's own folder. I don't know of that's gonna help the scrapers, but it's worth a shot. I renamed some other files, so Alien, Alien 2 Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien 4 Resurrection. I like how it looks and it helps when you're just browsing through to see what to play. I'm gonna do the same thing for Lord Of The Rings, so Lord Of The Rings 1 The Fellowship Of The Ring. This morning I started up XBMC on the office pc and let the library update. I went to our Sony Blu-ray player and selected XBMC, and found the newly created HOTD folder. I selected the first episode and ta da! Nothing, it did not work, it said the files is unplayable or corrupted. It actually froze the Blu-ray player. I hard reset the player and tried it again. I played the original files I had and of course they didn't play. I tried the new hybrid m4v/mp4 file and again it froze the player. Oh well, at least I know that it still will not work.

No music since last time.

 Video games
The closest I got to playing video games was looking for a power cord for my fat Ps2. My thought is since my slim Ps2 is having problems, I wanted to try the fat one, but I don't want to unplug the power cord from behind an entertainment center.


This is extremely sad. People who don't think climate change is happening, need to wake up!

 That's all I have for now. Till next time.

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