Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Midweek update.

 I haven't touched the throw away xbmc server computer in awhile. I just need a couple hours and I can get started. I have had quite a few times when that computer would have came in handy for server applications though. So that's the good part, at least it would get used and not just stored in a closet somewhere. I am still up the air about the other computer I have though, I think I want to try xbmc on it before I rip out the hard drive and use it on the throw away.

 I have had more time to try different settings for Handbrake and it seems to be working quite well. I have it set for stereo as the first audio track and Dolby digital with ac3 passthrough as the second track. I have been using closed captions cc instead of English vobsub with default selected and that seems to work even better than before. It even worked on files I couldn't get subtitles to work on before. And I have started using create chapter markers. I haven't been able to test this streaming yet, but I'm hoping when I stream, I could actually skip chapters. We will see. 

 Video games
I have had more time to play some games, but I have been finding my slim ps2 is having problems. It can't read some discs, but can read others. Some memory cards can't be read either. I have tried gold, silver, black and blue discs and it's mixed results. So with my ps2 giving me issues, I used my ps3 and popped in Devil May Cry HD Collection and played a few missions. After that I popped in Medal Of Honor Warfighter. I haven't played these games in a long time. My ultimate goal is to beat old games I haven't played in awhile. I haven't played any roms lately either. 

No updates on music. I'm a slacker. Ha ha.

 Cool pictures

 I think the bitchy one is funny as hell. I actually ranked higher than a lot of my friends. Well this was a short but sweet mid week update, till next time.

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