Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend review for 7/4-7/5-7/6/14.

 Obviously from the title I had a three day weekend. Thursday night we watched Drive with Ryan Gosling. I was actually kinda disappointed, I thought it was gonna be better than it was, with more driving and chases. Oh well, whatever.

 Friday was the 4th of July, so we were invited to our friends house for a block party. They had so much food, a live band and fireworks. I ate extremely way too much. I don't even know what came over me. That was the most food I have eaten in years. We got to sit, relax, meet new people and indulge. It was really nice, the only hang up for me is, the husband reminds me of my ex friend I used to have. Even the stories that he tells, screams my ex friend. The husband is nice and all that, but it's weird for me. Friday night we were invited to another friends house to watch fireworks from their porch that is basically on the top of a hill with no houses in close distance to them.

 You can't really tell the house distance in the crappy picture, but we had amazing views. 

 Saturday, we had to do emissions and grocery shop. After that we had a relax day. I got some time to add to my digital movie collection and knocked out some shows off of the dvr. 

 Sunday, our friend from the block party came over and we all just talked. Sunday night, Melissa had to got to bed early. So I decided I was gonna try and finish some old ps2 games. Psssh, that didn't work. The ps2 either didn't read discs, memory cards wouldn't work, my old Codebreaker discs wouldn't work or they didn't have the game I wanted and the Codebreaker website is either down or doesn't exist anymore. What the hell? Well after failed attempts at some games, I started watching some Netflix. This was not the end of the night I was looking forward to. Oh well, I hope you had a good and safe weekend, some people were not as lucky.

Anyone who thinks "Roman Candles" are safe. They're not!! This happened to a little kid by a roman candle. All fireworks are dangerous and could leave you permanently disfigured. 
 All fireworks are dangerous! Period!

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