Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend review for 8/2/14 - 8/3/14.

 Friday night we rented Noah from Redbox. It had Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins among others. It was loosely based on the bible according to reviews I read. I was actually extremely excited to see it ever since I saw the previews for it. For me, it didn't disappoint at all. It was a longer movie about two hours, but I think it was worth it. Now a question I had was, Cain was on the ark and was eating how many animals for how ever long they were on there and "the creator" isn't going to be mad at Noah for that? I would definitely recommend a buy for it.

We had a community garage sale. We decided to go out and find some stuff. I scored a terabyte hard drive and a mini usb keyboard for 40 bucks. The hard drive alone goes for 65 plus. My day was made and I we could have stopped there and went home. We actually got rained out so we decided to go to Value Village. I scored again at Value Village.

 I found Kansas, U2 and Phil Collins on record for 49 cents a piece! That is a score. After Value Village, we headed to La Hacienda for a nice site down lunch. The food was really good. After we had our lunch, we went to the movies. My insurance agent sent an email a month ago saying he was hosting a Transformers Age Of Extinction showing at the theater. We were like we're in, we're not gonna pass up a free movie. We set ourselves up for some sort of spiel about insurance or some sort of questionnaire, but it never happened. We walked in, said hi and they handed us our tickets. I thought the movie was actually really damn good. I can't wait for Transformers 5. I thought Mark Wahlberg did really well in that role. There was an all star cast, too many people to name. Noah and Transformers Age Of Extinction is a definite buy for me. I don't care if Transformers was two hours and fifty five minutes long.

Picture courtesy of Melissa.

 Saturday night
We went home and relaxed. we watched 13 Sins on Netflix. This movie has been done to death, but I like how this one did it. This is actually a must see, not a buy, but a must see. Melissa actually liked it also. I did has some b movie vibe going on but I would say, it was more like b plus. It had good effects.

We had our normal house stuff to do when it was like 90 degrees. Boy was that fun. Sarcasm doesn't normally come across easy when it's typed, I hope it did this time. For dinner we made homemade pizza.

Looks delicious already.

A little crispy, but it was amazing.
 Sunday night
All day I was transferring some movies over from the office pc to the game room pc. After quite a few hours, I went into the game room and started configuring movies and scrapers.

 As you can see from the picture, we got duplicates! Yay. So I was like, I'm not having this, so I figured out how to delete the duplicates. After quite a few rows of movies, I was like, hey let me try this real quick. I clicked a movie and it said, movie was no longer in database. I clicked another movie and the same thing happened. I clicked another movie and it played. What the hell!? So now I click another movie with a duplicate and it says something like, movie has moved do you want to delete this. I click yes, click the duplicate and it works. So that means, I wasted about an hour cleaning up movies when I could have just clicked them and had Xbmc do it! So irritating. While I'm waiting for my last movie folder to transfer over, I decided to try and put some roms and emulators on Xbmc. I found a tutorial, followed word for word and ta da! I doesn't work. I download another add on, and still nothing.

 So my wasted night consisted of duplicate movies, roms and emulators not working, movies still not showing up, reorganizing my whole entire fucking movie library to make it work in Xbmc and still nothing. It has just as many fucking problems as it did before I wasted hours upon hours transferring 300 plus gig of movies over my slow ass network! Yay me! It would be amazing if either I knew what the fuck I was doing or adding movies to the library and scraping data would actually fucking work. Why won't a movie show up even if the scraper doesn't find it? I don't not understand. There should be a file in the list that doesn't have any posters or art or anything just a file name Alien for instance. Why can't that happen? So how am I supposed to add one movie to my list when I have the whole folder filled with movies selected as the source? Okay, okay rant over. I put this on the "I'll figure it out list."

 Anyways, I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

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