Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend review for 8/23/14 - 8/24/14.

 Friday night we just relaxed and watched Big Brother After Dark. Saturday we went to the marina park for a picnic date. We had Ray's Drive In fish and chips. Absolutely amazing like normal. To top it off we had a chocolate malt. Yum, yum. After our date, we went home and watched some shows. I got Land Of The Giants season one disc one, so I checked that out. It was still just as a remember it. It's from the 60's and the models are actually really damn good. I have to get the next disc now. I use to watch for hours Land Of The Giants, Lost In Space and all these other great shows. Now the hard part is trying to remember the names and trying to find them. 

 Sunday we had our house stuff to do and later that night we watched Big Brother and the MTV VMAs. They actually handed out maybe five awards this year. The rest of the time is performances. That's all we really did. It was nice to relax though. I know this was a small review, but we didn't do much. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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