Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Midweek update.

 Well this midweek update is happening right now. Let's begin then. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style. Clang clang. Ha ha.

Anyways, so over my weekend we watched a movie at Melissa's brothers house. He was streaming it from his server to his Raspberry Pi running what I gathered was Rasplex. He said it was all running on Plex. Anyways, I did some more research on Plex and it's not a standalone OS, it's just a program you run on top of for instance Windows. The only stand alone OS is Rasplex. So here in lies the problem for me. One, do I reinstall my copy of Windows XP and run the Plex server program? XP, is very vulnerable now that Microsoft isn't supporting it anymore. I don't want to have my office computer running all the time, hence the need for another computer that I can keep running. OpenELEC is running pretty well on my game room PC. Xbmc is running very well on my office PC and my laptop. Oh speaking of the laptop, I forgot to mention it in my weekend review. I got the add on Rom Browser Collection up and running on my Windows 7 laptop. I was amazed, so now I do know that is only for Windows installs of Xbmc. I was stuck on trying to get some Game Genie codes working, but oh well. That's another problem for another time.

 Back to the game room PC. If I install Plex on that machine on top of Windows, all the apps for iOS or Android cost about five bucks, but I would be able to stream from that computer to my tablet. And I found an Xbmc add on that acts like a Plex client. It kinda sounds like the best of both worlds. I guess I can install Windows, install Plex and if I don't like it, go back to what I was using before. The big benefit to Windows is it's easier to share folders and files with each computer and I still have that bare terabyte hard drive I bought at the garage sale I need to use for something. It kinda sounds like a win, win. I have doing more research on how to name your movies and tv shows and it sounds like I will need to make a separate folder for my tv shows and then maybe, Xbmc could scrape them better. They say to name your tv show like. Land Of The Giants S01E01, i.e, Land Of The Giants Season 01 Episode 01.  I have mine like Land Of The Giants D1S1E1, i.e., Disc 1 Season 1 Episode 1. You can check it out here for Plex and here for Xbmc. I like to think I have a good naming structure in place for my media files, but according to Plex and Xbmc, the way I set mine up, it sucks. Mine is set like Movies folder - Charmed folder - Charmed Season 1folder - Charmed Episode files. Oh well, another to add to the list.

 Video games
At PAX I got to play a new Sonic game. It was pretty cool, but I liked the Wii U controller better than the game itself. Like I said in my weekend review, I will be buying a Wii U when animal Crossing comes out for it. I got to play a few minutes of NES Zelda and a few minutes of NES Excitebike. That was fun. I really wish I could have found the game cartridges I was looking for at PAX though. That makes me bummed.

Here's a damn good song Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands).

Here's another classic, Spice 1 - I'm The Fuckin' Murder.

I don't have any pictures this time, but that's okay, that means they will be that much better when I do have some. So enjoy some old classics. Till next time.

Well I was trying to embed these videos on they wouldn't embed so fuckem.

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