Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the week midweek update.

 Midweek update. I actually forgot today was Wednesday and that I had the midweek update to do. Let's see today iOS8 was released onto the masses and like everyone else I wanted to download and install it on my iPhone 4S. I cleared some space, made two backups of my phone and used iTunes to download it. We're set to go, after a little bit my phone was ready. First thing I noticed was it is definitely made for bigger screens. My pictures in text messages are huge. Next thing I noticed was the row of predictive text. I do have an Android tablet so I'm used to that but on a small screen its really weird. It works well though. 

 The next thing I saw was the Emoji button icon changed to a smiley face.

 I'm still digging into it, but there is quite a few changes. The screen size will be an issue and it will take some time getting used to it. So obviously this post is late, but now I have more time to add more about iOS 8 update. One of the biggest features missing is the camera roll! It's gone and it might not be back. I read a couple forums and they are pissed too. One of the work arounds are creating a new folder and adding every picture to it and calling it camera roll. Here in lies the problem, every new picture wouldn't show up. Maybe Apple will release an update for it? Other news, my iPhone 4S got the time lapse camera option. I can now send pictures from the lock screen which I couldn't before. It was actually really annoying when you had to take a picture then close the app, go to the camera roll and then send the picture. Battery life is a little worse than before, but it's to be expected. I still haven't dove into all of the features, but I soon enough. 

 Video games 
I have been trying to try some mame roms and I have had no luck with them. My internet has been absolute shit so downloading different roms and emulators is extremely difficult to do. It should not take over an hour for one gig! So needless to say, video games are off the table for awhile and I'm not happy. 

Nothing here either. 

Enjoy what I found on the Internet.

 Side note, I forgot to put this in my weekend review. What noise from a dryer can make a grown man almost cry?

 A metal clanging noises coming from the dryer and you think it's the heating coil going out. Luckily it was only this bobby pin. Well that's it for now, till next time.

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