Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend review for 9/13/14 - 9/14/14.

 Friday night
We watched a little Big Brother After Dark, then I popped in Captain America The Winter Soldier. Melissa started talking shit about Chris Evans and I wasn't having it. I turned the movie up louder and commenced my movie experience. So there has been other Marvel movies come out, but the last Marvel movie, with Avenger characters in it was Thor The Dark World. Obviously I have re-watched movies again, but I don't remember seeing the teaser for Captain America in the credits. I try and not read plot lines, or summaries of movies I really want to see, so I will be genuinely surprised or pissed off. Captain America, was not really one of my favorites, but Chris Evans and both movies, really make me like and look forward to seeing the movies. Chris Evans, I thought did very well as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic 4 remakes, so seeing him in another superhero movie  was very cool. Anyways, I'm getting away from Winter Soldier. I won't give anything away from the movie, but why can't they throw in another character besides Black Widow? Tony Stark's tower is shown in the movie. Where's a Iron Man suit cameo? Where's Bruce Banner? Where's Thor? They don't have to play huge roles, but lot's of stuff is going down and they're nowhere to be found. It get's kinda annoying when they're best buds in one movie, then complete strangers in the next.

 Side rant, why do we have to wait four goddamn years for a X-Men sequel? Why does X-Men get put on the back burner? Why does some obscure out of nowhere comic get a movie? (Scroll down to development for the obscure reference.) So in 2018 we will get an new X-Men movie after wading through obscure comics? Really!? Whatever, rant over, back to Winter Soldier. When I watch Captain America it kinda feels a little thrown together. The story doesn't really flow in parts and some stuff it feels like, hey let's throw this in for the fun of it. It was a good movie and I will buy it for my collection, but some stuff feels lacking for me. There's a scene when Fury and Steve Rogers talk about Tony Stark building repulsors for the helicarriers that feels kinda out of place. The weird quasi relationship between Romanoff and Steve feels weird. It was a good movie, but I don't know how it will continue the storyline?

We got to relax again, I transferred over the rest of my movies and ROMs from my office computer to the game room server. Saturday night, we watched After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith. Melissa and I, both thought it was a good movie and we couldn't see why it got bad reviews. The only thing I didn't like was Jaden's voice and the way he talked kinda got to me after awhile.

we had our normal house stuff to do. I found in my ROM collection, a game that Melissa used to play all the time, so I fired it up and we played for a little bit. I screwed up the save state a few times, so we had to start the level over again.I thought it was very cool that she got into it like she did. I know I have an in for either an Ouya or a Raspberry Pi with emulators and my ROMs on them. It's awesome how something like that can bring back better days like when you were a kid. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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