Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend review for 9/6/14 - 9/7/14.

 Friday night we watched Big Bother After Dark and then we watched a documentary on water use by Nestle, it was very interesting. They load up like 35 thousand gallons of water and pay maybe 10 dollars for it. That's insane and these little county's are basically helpless against them. It is insane that the CEO of Nestle doesn't think the worlds fresh water isn't a right, it's a commodity. Definitely check it out.

We had some unexpected visitors that stayed for a couple hours. That always drives me crazy. Every time we show up somewhere we ask before we come over. I mean I guess it was nice for company, but not for that long and you could have sent a fucking text in the five minutes it takes to get from your house to mine. Whatever. After they left we watched some shows and relaxed. Saturday night we watched more Big Brother After Dark and the rest of the Nestle documentary.

 Sunday I wanted to transfer over some movie files on the newly installed Windows XP server I built. I'll update more on the midweek update, but moving hundreds of gigs takes some hours. So while I was transferring files over my incredible slow network, I did my normal house stuff. Sunday night we made a great dinner and watched some shows. I know, I know, this was an incredibly boring weekend review, but hey, it's worth the read. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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