Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Midweek update.

 Midweek update, begins right now. It's so close to Halloween I can almost smell the candy in the air. I love Halloween, I love October and I love scaring kids. A few years ago, I had a door sized poster of Michael Myers. It had motion activated light up eyes and a sound machine with breathing and the the theme song playing on it. I scared a majority of the kids around my neighborhood and one of the kids actually was to scared to even come up to the door. To me this was amazing and funny. If I had the money, I would buy animatronic creatures and set them up everywhere. We went to the Spirit Of Halloween, they had an actual life size lurching zombie. Ama-zing! I want it so bad. I need it. Halloween is for fun and for scares. When I was a kid, I would be scared of almost everything. I didn't like having to walk around dark streets at different house for candy. My plastic trash bag consistency Spider-Man costume with a plastic face mask wasn't very warm. After a few years it was starting to fall apart. Back then, you bought a costume and you wore it a few years in a row. A couple years I dressed like Dracula. My mom would put red lipstick on the sides of my mouth to either look like blood dripping or for my fangs. I had a glow in the dark ghost pinned to the top pf my cape, so it would help with the dark. I had a plastic pumpkin shaped bowl for my candy.

 This one year, for whatever reason we went over to my grandmas house. I was not happy at all. I wanted to go out and get candy, but no, we had to waist hours and hours at my grandmas house with no candy. I don't remember if we ever tricked or treated ever again, but I will always remember how sad I was on that night. Everyone thought I was just being a little dick. I was a bad kid when I was little and being a dick came easy. I wasn't being a dick, I was just so mad at having to be there and not getting candy. I didn't want my picture taken and they did it anyways. 

 Enough of that, this is the midweek update. Video games, Monday I read the anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released. On the Xbox market place it was going for $3.74. Holy shit! I'm getting it. All day was the anticipation of buying it. I told you a long while ago I tried popping in my PS2 San Andreas and my PS2 was having problems, I was having memory card problems and it looked like shit. Well this was the "hd" version for cheap. I got home and I bought it and it was still $3.74 and it was only two gigs in size. It looked way better then my PS2 did also. It's a win, win, I love it when that happens. So I played for abut 45 minutes fun was had by me. Other video game news. I'm still doing some research on the best configuration for emulators on the Ouya. I want to turn on the Ouya, hook up the external hard drive and play some of my ROMs without having to mess with button configurations and all that. I want Melissa to be able to pick a game she likes and just play it with out me having to explain all the little details. It's slowly getting there, but I need some more time to do it right. This also gives me an idea on what it's going to be like when I build a Raspberry Pi.

I don't have any new music.

This is new section and I'm going to be writing about the movies I'm currently watching. So last night, I put in Iron Man. I already watched Hulk with Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliott. Now Hulk is not technically in Marvel's phase one, but you cannot forget it when watching part of the Marvel series. Each Hulk in my opinion is important. Eric Bana is amazing as Bruce Banner and Edward Norton is amazing too. Jennifer Connelly did amazing as Betty, but Liv Tyler, made me really believe it was Betty. Either way you can't have one without the other. I really truly hope they make World War Hulk. This would be the sequel to Planet Hulk. I love the Hulk as a character and I feel like Hulk needs his own movies. Yes you can add some other heroes into it, but Hulk needs to be showcased. Could you even imagine doing a live action Planet Hulk? Amazing! last week I finished The Avengers. I want to watch the Marvel movies in release order. Yes, yes I went out of order with The Avengers, but I really wanted to see it. So I'm working on Iron Man then I'm going to watch The Incredible Hulk. Now what else confuses people that pay attention is, The Incredible Hulk is not a sequel, but a remake of the Hulk back story. It sounds like people didn't like the Hulk movie so they remade it. Yes I love movies.

 Pictures from the internet.

Umm, I want to have these really, really bad.

My money is still on Pennywise.

 Well, I think a rambled on long enough for this update. Till next time.

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