Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend review for 10/18 - 19/14 and update.

 Well obviously I haven't been writing for awhile. I have just been so damn busy and was sick with no energy. I've missed a lot a posts. We did the pumpkin patch, our anniversary and a few other things. I won't make this all encompassing, but I can add a few details to it. First, we a couple pumpkins for Halloween, we carved them and the only lasted like two weeks before they got moldy! Really!? That really pissed us off. We had our anniversary, we went to PF Changs for dinner and it was amazing as always. We had a great time reconnecting and just all around enjoying ourselves.

 Another reason I have been so busy is, Melissa bought me an Ouya micro game console  (pronounced  eww yaa. Weird I know). I have been trying to fine tune everything and get it just right. I love the Ouya and anybody who disses it are either not technical or don't have one. If you have one and actually use it, you know it's a great machine.

 I will add more from the previous weeks later. Friday night, we watched a movie called Afflicted. It was actually really good. I love new spins on old tales. I actually want a part two. I won't give away the movie, but the first person camera, is actually cool, it makes you fell immersed in the movie. The characters are relatable and actually pretty good acting. Obviously it could a little better, but it does not take away from the movie. Definitely see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

 Saturday, Melissa went on a girls night out. That meant I could do whatever I wanted. I fired up Transformers Age Of Extinction and blasted the surround sound. It was amazing. I love that movie and the cast does very well. How come Kelsey Grammer, can sell being an asshole so well? After Transformers, I configured the Ouya little bit. I did the button configuration for the emulator apps. I tried using the Retroarch app, but it was very difficult to configure any button layouts. The default button layouts aren't correct, so that was disappointing. Another thing I ran into is, the emulator apps I use on my Nook, aren't the same ones on the Ouya. I found Supergnes, BUT unless you buy the app on either system, you cannot load the save file! So my The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past SNES rom (say that five times fast ha ha.) cannot be played on the Ouya and vice versa. I am so far into the game on my Nook, that I can't just restart without breaking my heart. I'm not using cheats and I dedicated hours of play time to just give up now. Yes I want to buy the app, but I don't want to pay twice.

 After playing with config files I was done, I decided to pop in Godzilla. I blasted that movie on my surround sound too. Melissa got home and we watched some shows. After that she asked if the Ouya was ready to stream some local movies. I said yeah it was. I hooked up the Ouya in the bedroom and fired up some of my local movies. It worked really good, but the lag on wireless I'm going to blame on Comcast's wireless router. We have been having so many problems with the "new" router ever since we got it. I think I'm going to have them "bridge" theirs and use my old one. What a fucking headache that will be. Anyways, the streaming went amazing.

We did our house chores, I had to mow the lawn (I though mowing the lawn was a summer activity?) We had an amazing stuffed pepper dinner and we just got to relax. I can't wait for another man night to actually play some games and watch some movies. I hope you had a good weekend, I know I did. Till next time. And yes I will try and make time for this blog. I'm already thinking of my midweek update.

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