Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend review for 10/25 - 26/14.

 On Thursday, I watched Return To House On Haunted Hill. This was the "b" movie sequel to the big budget movie, The House On Haunted Hill, with Ali Larter, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs and a few others. When I saw the listing for Return, I was like hell yeah, let me check this out. It didn't necessarily disappoint, but I feel it could have been better. The effects were good, the acting wasn't bad and they actually continued where the previous movie left off. When I see an effect I like, I love seeing it again. It tells me that the people doing the movie are trying to make the new movie flow. The effect in talking about is where the "ghosts" walk really slow almost like they're doing the robot. I think it's really cool. I think I might put it on my Netflix queue so I can see it unedited. This is our favorite month so we always have a horror-movie-thon every week.

 Friday night, we watched The Hole. Now this movie was rated PG 13, but this means nothing anymore, especially when it comes to horror movies. The Ring is only PG 13, it definitely should be an R rated movie. Anyways, we get the movie, it had pretty good premise, a hole in your basement good times to be had by all. Well, it was an actual PG 13 movie, like a kid movie. It wasn't actually bad, but not really what I was expecting. It's definitely not a buy, but it was okay. The ghosts in this one did the walk slow thing too which was really cool. There's a clown in it and it reminded me of The Puppet Master. Which is another great series by the way, all in all it wasn't to bad. Fear is a weird plot line to make a movie. Everyone has different fears and they how they react to it, so therefore you have to have generic fears like, clowns, ghosts and stuff. It's worth it for a different kind of horror movie.

 Saturday, we just go to hang out and relax before heading over to our friends house to see their decorations. This guy, hand makes almost all of his props. He has a cauldron the stirs itself, a little skeleton girl riding a tricycle, a 16 foot plus grim reaper and a seven foot tall cemetery gates. It was all really impressive, after some sight seeing we headed inside and his wife my three types of crock pot dinners. She had homemade loaded potato soup, chili and chicken noodle soup. I had way to much food. I had two bowls of chili and one bowl of potato soup. She had like three different types of bread, then she had two different banana breads, one pumpkin and the other banana. There was all the fixin's you could imagine. It was damn good time. The chili actually reminded me of my mom's so that was a trip down memory lane. After our friends house, we headed over to Bartell's. We grabbed our Redbox and we headed home.

 We got home and we popped in See No Evil and then See No Evil 2. Kane is a badass, he was always one of my favorites when I watched wrestling. See No Evil is about Kane as a kid being abused by his mom in a series of flashbacks. He kills people and hears his mom talking to him. It wasn't to bad. I would buy it if it was for a really good price. See No Evil 2 has Danielle Harris in it, she's the new scream queen of horror movies. She's been in a ton of movies and some of my favorites, like Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween 2007 and Halloween II 2009. This movie picks up exactly on the same night as See No Evil 1. It has the police responding to the crime scene from See No Evil 1 and bringing the bodies to the morgue. These movies are actually like eight years apart. Side rant, I absolutely hate, I repeat hate, How long it takes for movies to come out. Why do we have to wait like eight or so years for a sequel? Why do we have to wait so long when the first movie made a lot of money? Resident Evil movie series has some of the biggest year gaps I have ever seen. allegedly the next Resident Evil movie, part 6, we will be released in 2015, but the last one was 2012. Three years? Eight years is worse, but damn. Anyways, See No Evil had some spots in it where I felt that Kane could have done other things. But then I remembered it was a WWE movie, and they won't show stuff like a Friday The 13th movie would. The both were good tho and I'm glad I got to see them in order.

 After that we popped in Disaster L.A. The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here. Side note, why in the hell, is this movie's title so long? Anyways, this was a new premise for a zombie movie. It has meteor shower as the culprit. Towards the end of the movie it seemed like their budget was almost gone because, the graphics started looking really bad and the screen looked grainy and not on purpose. It was like the camera or resolution changed. Now this didn't take away from the movie, but it was really noticeable and sometimes distracting. The movie wasn't our favorite, but it was okay. If you like zombie movies, this is better than a lot of the other b movies out there.

 Sunday, we had our nephews birthday party to go to. He was turning 16 and we had to be there. Before we even left the house, Melissa accidentally dropped the vacuum on her foot. We were trying to put ice on it and then had to scramble and get going to the party. Well, you know how I feel about family and how I feel about being the outsider. I got to feel both of those on Sunday, it was great (that was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell.). It was extremely awkward and we both wanted to leave. We stuck it out for our nephew and it was good seeing him really happy and excited. This weekend was filled with memory flash backs for me. First the chili, then the 16th birthday party. My 16th birthday party was absolute shit. I invited all of my friends over and quite a few other people and not a single fucking one showed up. I had so much food, drinks and candy. My mom went all out and not a single person showed up. One person finally showed up, and he didn't even know it was my birthday. (I should have learned my lesson with him then and it would have saved me time and energy for 13 or so more years.) Well I ended up leaving and spent the day with him. I was absolutely devastated, how could no one remember let alone not show up? I think one other person showed up, but I don't really remember now. Life, you got to love it, my dad didn't show up, but at least that wasn't a surprise. Back to my nephews party, it was just so awkward and I don't like all the glares and staring.

 After the party, we wanted to get some chocolate and feed our feelings. We stumbled across some glass bottled pop. I grabbed a Mountain Dew and Melissa grabbed a Dr Pepper. This was the first time we both had seen a new bottled Dr Pepper. We did some Christmas shopping, we got our friend a zombie arm chia pet and we were off. Back home, we had to finish house chores and try and have a good night. We both were inundated with family drama, bad memories, a hurt foot and hurt feelings.  We opened our chocolate and tried to make the best of our night. We actually did end up having a good night. We made amazing jalapeno poppers and club sandwiches for dinner. We opened our amazing glass soda and ate our good club sandwiches. We don't need family to make us happy. We don't need to be coddled, but respect would be nice.

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