Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Midweek update.

 Movies I've been watching. I have continued to watch Marvel, phase one and phase two in release order. I finished watching Captain America: The First Avenger. I watched The Avengers out of order, but that 's okay and now I finished watching Iron Man 3. Next up is Thor: The Dark World. Now, I have hit on this in the past. Iron Man 3, has started the trend for me, as the movie that started the subtle differences in previous movies to the new ones. What I'm talking about is, how these movies feel different to me. The characters feel different to me. It feels as if the characters have changed and I can't pinpoint when that happened.To me, Iron Man 3 felt like a whole new company took over, but used the same actors in it. I don't even know how to explain what I mean. The end credits left the last tidbit of "Tony Stark will return." Not Iron Man, not Tony Stark and Iron Man, just Tony Stark. Dafuq!? I know there is phase 300 3 in the works, but what the hell. So if Iron Man 3 felt different, Thor 2 and Captain America felt different, what's to say the rest aren't going to as well? I read some story about the new X-Men movie will focus on Magneto and Mystique's relationship. How in the fuck does this have anything to do with Apocalypse? Everything was changed in Days Of Futures Past. I truly feel like Marvel needs to sue Fox and get the rights back to X-Men and make a Avenger-esque movie. But wait, if I feel like I do about about the newer movies of Thor and Captain America, why the fuck would I even want them to touch X-Men?

 Coming to the realization that you can't change anything really sucks. I love these characters and I want to like these movies more than I do. But when you see what they have planned, like having Jared Leto possibly be the Joker in the new Batman movie, futures of movies aren't looking so sweet after all. From a person who loves movies more than a lot of people, if this is what are stuck with and the caliber of actors are going down, it would be almost the death of these franchises and characters in my eyes.

 Video games, I have been talking endlessly about my ROMs, emulators and file naming issues. On Sunday, we were able to play Mario 64 without really having to mess with any more settings. That was nice, that is my goal. I want to turn on the Ouya, plug in my external hard drive and play a game without having to worry about the settings anymore. The only problem I foresee happening is, Dropbox or OneDrive will not let me choose save file from the sd card. The only way it will access the sd card is with the photo option, not "other files". I have to put my save games in my download folder on my Ouya and my DCIM  folder on my Nook. This is not a long term solution and I don;t know what else to do. The Ouya doesn't have Google Play on it so I can't use Google Drive and I don't want to always take the sd card out of my Nook to copy the game save file. I'll have to come up with something. I want to play games, not worry about game saves.

 Music, I did find some new music, but I can't post all the songs here. What I can do is, tell you who it is and you can YouTube it and listen to all the tracks yourself. I'm talking about Michael Buble and his cd called Christmas. I thought this was an amazing throw back to singers like Bing Crosby, Perry Como and many others that have epitomized Christmas music. Definitely check out all of the singers and their songs, it's worth it.

 Random internet pictures:

I guess this is the "making spirits bright" section of the song. Ha ha.

A new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL. I would so buy it.

This reminds me of Interstellar.

Ming Chen from Comic Book Men and Ivy Doom Kitty.

How cool are these limited edition consoles. I'd buy them if I could.

 Well that's what I got, till next time.

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