Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend review for 11/15 - 16/14.

 Friday night, we watched Goodbye World. This was a new-ish take on the end of world, fire sale-ish type movie. I won't bore you with the details. What did piss me off was, it wasn't realistic. These people knew the world was ending and they still just continued to act like, hey we're having a party and I don't care people want to steal my stuff. There were some sort of military guys in the movie and they were trying to control and intimidate everyone and the people were like okay, sure, no problem. What? I don't care if you're military or not, you will not steal my shit, especially if it was the end of the world. I didn't like the movie, Melisa did.

 Saturday, we woke up early to start some Christmas chopping and run some errands. while we were driving to the first store, we saw a church with a busted water pipe. We stopped at the police station and told an officer. That was crazy. I won't bore you with all the stores we went to, but I will highlight some good ones. So Ihop, is having some holiday pancake deal. We were all about it. I ordered the pumpkin cheesecake pancakes and Melissa had the caramel bon bon pancakes.

Pumpkin cheesecake pancakes.

Caramel bon bon pancakes.

 We devoured them. They were that good. It came with some eggs, sausage and hash browns. I would seriously go back and get that again today and tomorrow if I could. After that, we went our friends house for a little bit. We headed to Target, we were strolling around all the aisles. Our friend asked us to find her a Big Hero 6 ornament. We found it, but when I was looking, I saw these Marvel ornaments. They were amazing, but they were $7 bucks. Ouch.

Doesn't really look like the Hulk, but I could get over it.

 I wandered over to the electronics section and I spotted the Note 4 demo. Man that thing is big. One handed use is out for sure. I wouldn't buy it personally, but it was cool to see in person. I have found myself reading the reviews for all this cool new stuff and rarely do I get to see it in person. I found the Roku section, man oh man, these things are small. They are literally the size of a hockey puck. The reviews say that, but seeing it in person is really cool. I don't know what I would do with one personally, but again, it was cool to see. Now if they could have had a Raspberry Pi display or a Chromebox not just Chromebook display, Melissa wouldn't have been able to get me to move. I wanted to see the Android boxes I see everywhere, but they didn't have them. I wanted to even see the Amazon Fire TV, but they didn't have it either.

 It kinda broke my heart a little bit, the Ouya was on discount for $80 bucks, that means they're trying to get rid of it. The controller was $30 bucks though. I think my Ouya is amazing. The more time I get to use it, the easier it is to play all the games and watch all the media I want to. I wish people would give it a chance. I'm kinda rambling now, anyways, being tired and sore we headed to our last store.We found our stuff and we left. I didn't want to spend anymore time in the store. We headed home, I made some pizza and we relaxed. Saturday night, we started up Netflix and we watched Hostel: Part III. I was actually kinda disappointed in this movie, part I was a lot better for being older, if that makes sense.

 Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got to play a little bit of the Ouya with Melissa. We played some Mario 64. Melissa, actually scaled level 1's mountain thing better than me. She didn't get hit once. She got thrown of the mountain and handed the controller to me. Holy shit, I could barely get Mario up the mountain, let alone try to beat the bomb king guy. I eventually beat the bomb king and we were like yup, we're done. I turned on The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. My game saves worked again, (with a little persuasion). I got stuck, saved and turned it off. I really need to work on consistent naming formats. This has now affected my movies, tv shows and ROMs. You figure I would learn quick to make everything the same. Well that's what I got, I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

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