Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Midweek update.

 Let's see, I guess I'll start with the video games I'm playing. I have been playing Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone for PS1. I bought FPse on my Ouya and it actually works really well. I did read that there was still problems with the app even after you paid for it. Like the sound would still go out and the touch pad wouldn't touch stuff like that, but it didn't happen to me. On the Ouya controller, there's not a start or select button. On everything below PS1, that's not problem because you can map L3 and R3 as select and start. So what do you do with PS1 and above? You have to map the touch pad plus R1 for instance. It actually works well, so I'm glad I bought the app and helped the creator get a tiny bit of revenue. I just wish I was able to use that now paid app, on another device. In Google Play, your email address is used and can be used to re download the app. Since Ouya doesn't use Play, you can't at least from what I can tell. The second problem, these apps aren't interchangeable so you can't use FPse's saves on another app. So here in lies the problem, what console or device do I play what game on? So if I start The Grinch on my Nook, I can't continue on the Ouya. I don't want to re start each game and have different levels on each device. FWP (first world problems) right. On the Raspberry Pi, I got some emulators working. I got the PS1 emulator playing games and as far as I can tell, it runs really good. The problem I have seen is my Logitech wireless PS3 controller. It works and I have napped all the buttons, but some times L3 and R3 don't work to control the character. I have to push the D/Mode button, but then some of the other buttons don't work. I don't know if the PS1 really used L3 and R3 for character movement? It's been to long.

 Movies I'm watching, I watched Scrooged. I love that movie and it still holds up. I wish the guy from the sewer could have been saved though. I watched John Carter, I think it's a really good different movie. It deserves better feedback than what it originally got. What I was annoyed about, there was actually a movie Called John Carter as a B movie with the plot completely the same. How can they do that and not get sued? I still need to re watch Halloween 1978 so I can watch Halloween II 1981. I tried to watch Bambi, but I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm going to start it over. Why have all these movies if you're not going to watch them? I have to watch Spider-Man 3 still and a few others. It's hard for to keep track of the movies I have to watch, but not the story lines of up five different movies at a given time, how does that work?

 A new section I will try and remember next time, computer stuff. So I told you about me buying the sd card for the Raspberry Pi. well I still haven't touched it. I have been really tired and not really in the mood for programming and I have to figure out what OS I want to try. I could try OMV, UltimateRaspian, UltraSlim again, Raspbmc or whatever else is out there. Other computer news, I read that HP is coming out with mini computers that run Windows, not just Chrome OS. How cool is that? They have the HP Pavilion Mini Desktop and the HP Stream Mini Desktop. They both run Windows 8.1, which okay with me, since they brought back the start menu. But what's really cool, is the Stream Mini, it's under $200 bucks. It's almost comparable to the price of the Chroembox's. I would buy one and not have to worry about Linux programming and not knowing what I'm doing. Nothing against Linux at all. I have actually had good luck with quite a few different distros and I will always see what's new with Linux. The command line is what gives me the most problems in any OS. I can't really wrap my head around cd /root/config.cfg type of commands (Yes that command is gibberish). I want a small footprint, good power use, an easy to use interface and maybe be able to use a remote control for the whole OS, not just parts. I will wait and see what the reviews say and keep doing research on them. I can't afford one anyways, but I am interested to see how these mini desktops perform.

 I don't have music this time, but I do have some random internet pictures! Proceed and enjoy:

Me to a T. Seriously, I do need to keep my mouth shut more, but I'm working on it.

I have always love Christ The Redeemer. It's amazing.

I love science.

I would love to see this actually happen. I know Hulk would kill Baymax, but it would be cute. Could you imagine Hulk and Baymax doing a fist bump? Ha ha.

Washington state is very beautiful.

I have always loved the Devils Tower ever since Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Very, very true words. I wish I would have done this years ago.

 I know I have posted the last picture before, but it needs to be repeated. You can't be successful at anything in life, if you don't focus on you and your stuff. I did not get as far as I have on my Raspberry Pi for instance, without out all the tips, tricks, blogs and research I did before hand. But MY work is what is making it what it is. All the blogs or whatever aren't physically building and programming, I am. You can't help anyone or anything that doesn't want help. We all know that, if you try and they don't want it, move on, focus on you. Till next time.

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