Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend review for 1/10 - 11/15.

 Friday night we watched No Good Deed. It was a pretty good movie. It has Idris Elba, who plays Heimdall from Thor and Stacker Pentecost from Pacific Rim. It was weird seeing him as a psycho maniac. It actually had a big twist in it, that I wasn't expecting. I know how society is and I know there's assholes out there, but actually having guys like the husband she had to deal with, makes me sick! I can't believe, well I can believe that there is guys and women out there like that. Saying shit like, "Well this is what you wanted" "You, wanted kids." Dafuq? Since when did it take just a lady by herself to make a baby? Since when did cum become not needed? So you can fuck and not have to worry about the consequences, fuck you! These fucking assholes out there with that mentality, pisses me the fuck off to no end! Rant over, but not forgotten. 

 Saturday, we had some errands to run. Our friend gave us a new Costco membership gift card. We had a membership before, but we didn't use enough for the $55 membership fee. So we got the oil changed in Melissa's car. Then we headed over to Target. I was just looking around at what they had for the Raspberry Pi and I didn't really see anything. After that we headed over to Costco. We did the membership renewal and we started looking around. We had an amazing lunch with some foot long hot dog and we got a pizza to go for the football game. We checked the mail and went home. We unloaded the car and opened the mail. My Nyko Playpad showed up! Sweet, so I got out a charger and started charging it. I noticed all of the lights where blinking on and off in a sequence. I thought nothing of it and let it be. About five hours later, I try turning on the controller and it won't. I look up some forums real quick and they say only the battery led lights up when it's charging, then it blinks when it's done charging. I unplug the controller and try another charger, the lights still blink and I unplug it and plug it in again. Now the the battery led is steady, clearly I got a defective controller. The micro usb plug will not sit in properly and you have to wiggle the plug a little bit to make contact. Again, clearly it's defective. So I wasted all those hours on it charging and I'm going to return it and exchange it. I might buy it from a different store though. Saturday night we finished watching the game and we relaxed and watched some shows.

all of the lights shout not be lit up.

 Sunday, we had our regular house stuff to do. Melissa found some new decorations for our kitchen. so I hung those and it actually turned out pretty good. It's not 100 percent, but it's higher than 99 percent good. Ha ha. I took some quizzes and we watched some shows.

This is actually true. Like to a t, but I would say movies over tv.

  So while we were watching some shows, I decided to transfer my ROMs over to my Raspberry Pi RetroePie build. I didn't need to have the screen going for the transfer and I was able to use Windows network to do the transfer instead of having to use the lxde or Putty. A couple hours pass and it's time to reboot and play some games. I grab the controller, switched the tv input and I reboot from the Emulation Station menu. It starts rebooting and BAM! The sd card gets corrupted and the built in help function can't help it. I tried running the help command three times and nothing. Well that was eight to ten hours on the sd card image down the drain. The doesn't include all the other installs I tried before this. Bottom line, do an install, configure the controller, save the keyboard config file and make a back up of the image BEFORE transferring ROMs. That way at least I will have the configured image and I don't have to waste hours on setup to even get it working in the first place. The only good thing that comes out of this is, I know I can do it, I know it actually works, I know not to take the keyboard config file out and I know I can do it again on another sd card. It just makes me mad because I had to use like five different setup instructions to even begin to make sense of even how to do this. No single instruction website will have everything that I needed to make mine work. That means I will have to pick and choose the setup instructions again. Later Sunday night, I played some Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and I went to bed. That's what I got for now, till next time.

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