Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend review for 1/3 - 4/15.

 Friday night we watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. It was a pretty good movie. I love the meticulousness he had. There needs to be an equalizer in every town actually. Denzel Washington, is an amazing actor. He deserves many of the accolades he gets for his skills.

 Saturday, was the big Christmas clean up. Melissa worked her ass off all week so we wouldn't have as much to do. I love Christmas and everything about it except, decorating and taking everything down. I hate it, the tree is beautiful, but not when its scraping your hands, wrists and arm while you're trying to squish all the branches so it can folded up and put away. I took another picture of my superhero tree.

 I can't wait till next year, so I can find more ornaments. After all day of cleaning and picking up we watched some shows, played some Super Mario 3D World. I really want to get Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It looks like a lot of fun.

 Sunday, we had some more Christmas stuff to clean up and our regular chores to do. We started making our first attempt at homemade chili. A little side not warning: Remember to wash your hands after mixing spices in the pot. I guess I didn't and I rubbed my eye and it was instantly on fire. I tried water and Visine and nothing helped. man oh man did that hurt! After all the cleaning, we watched some New Years Eve shows, we didn't have time to watch. What was funny, we didn't even get the ball dropping or Seattle's Space Needle fireworks Oh well, maybe next year. It was finally time to eat the chili. Oh my god, it was amazing! Melissa did such a good job on it. We put some peppers, jalapenos, beans, meat and all sorts of spices in it. We both Sunday night, I tried a couple more operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, again, none of the keyboards I had would work. I could not get to the setup screen. I tried four different keyboards, with and without a powered usb hub. It makes no sense, so now what's going to happen when I get a new memory card, will it not work then too? It wouldn't be a waste of a card, but it would be disappointing. Well that's about it for my weekend, I hope yours was good, till next time.

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