Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend review for 1/31 - 2/1/15.

It Friday night, Melissa and I were still feeling like shit, we got some Papa Johns  pizza and watched a shows. We headed upstairs and wanted to watch some Netflix and eat some delicious brownies from Papa Johns. Well our Sony Blu-ray player started acting up again with the wifi and streaming. I ran downstairs and grabbed the Ethernet cable and draped it from the office to the bedroom. It worked and we were streaming.

 Saturday morning, we had to do all of our Sunday stuff that day cause Super Bowl was on Sunday. I decided to fire up Xbmc on my office computer and see if I can stream some movies from there to the Blu-ray player. Friday night I even reset the network section to factory. I re setup wifi and chose a movie and it was streaming like no ones business. What the hell!? I tried another movie and fast forwarded, it still worked. I decided to try an MKV file. It stuttered for a second and it was on and popping. I can't even get MKVs to play on my Raspberry Pi. I tried another movie, again it played. I said fuck it I'm trying Netflix. I started up the movies we have been having problems with and it streamed like it was hard wired. I stopped that stream and started another one.  Same thing, it streamed like a champ. I can't even make this stuff up. So let me get this straight, I reset the wifi and it doesn't help. I stream a movie from my computer and it fixes itself and streams Netflix? Okay, makes no sense, but I'll take it. So after we did our chores we sat down and had some breakfast. After breakfast, I wanted to burn a new Raspberry Pi OS I found called Lakka. Allegedly, it supposed to be super fast and super easy, with auto config for controllers. I burnt the image and booted up the Raspberry Pi. It seemed to very well. I couldn't load any ROMs, but it seemed like it was good. Still not feeling the best, I shut down the Raspberry Pi and we watched some shows. Saturday night, we headed back upstairs and streamed some Netflix. We have been watching a documentary called: How To Survive The End Of The World. I love shows like this and I love seeing what might happen. We have like two more episodes left to go.

 Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, we woke up and we got going on cooking some amazing food. We had all sorts of goodies. Chips, meat and cheese tray, lil smokies and bbq sauce, seven layer bean dip, jalapeno poppers, sausage and cheese in won ton wrappers and deviled eggs. We had so much food we could have fed like 20 more people. The game started at 3:30, but we started watching at 3. Well great good and good fun all come to end sometime. The Seahawks lost the game. After the game we hung out a little bit longer and we started to clean up. We watched a few shows and Melissa went to bed. I played around with the Raspberry Pi for a little bit. I put some ROMS on the Lakka OS and it seemed like it worked. MAME ROMs didn't work, GBA ROMS didn't work because I couldn't place the BIOS file. NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy and Game Boy Color all worked. There was no PS1 emulator that I could find. I tried UltraSlim 1.6 and it wouldn't even boot up. I tried RetroPie 2.4.2 and it did work, but there was no desktop. I tried Rasbmc, that worked really well. It actually played some of my MKV files. A couple of the MKVs made the Raspberry Pi freak a out and reboot, but I couldn't believe some worked. After messing around a little bit longer, I went to bed. I read that they released a new Raspberry Pi called Raspberry Pi 2 B. It has a quad core processor and 1 gig of ram compared to the Raspberry Pi B+ which has a single core 700 mhz processor and 515 mb of ram. I am very excited about it and I can't wait to get one. Well that was my weekend, I hope you had a good one, till next time.

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