Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weekend review for 2/14 - 15/15 / Midweek update.

So we're going to time travel, then slide back to the present and hopefully we don't cause a paradox time shift. Ha ha. Friday night we decided to watch a romantic movie since Saturday was Valentine's Day. I popped in Hatchet III, we watched the gore fest and had a goodnight. The movie wasn't horrible, but definitely not on par with like Halloween or Friday The 13th.

 Saturday, we had a wedding to go to. We ran a couple errands and headed off to the wedding. After the wedding, we headed to Dick's Drive In and had some amazing dinner. After dinner we got a couple burgers and shakes to go. We went to Melissa's moms house to visit. After visiting, we headed home. When we got home, we popped in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. We were kicking some ass. There was only a couple levels we didn't get the stamp. After that we headed upstairs and tried to find something to watch or stream. After an hour, we decided on some prostitute call girl documentary on Netflix. 

 Sunday we had our house chores to do. We got a knock on the door and the heavens opened and rays of sun shown down upon the Amazon package we ordered. After scarfing the rest of the amazing Dicks burgers, I opened the package up. Staring back at me was:

 This cute guy. My second Funko Pop. Of course I had to get the Hulk. He's like my hero. I have a list that it way to big for these Funko Pops of ones I want to get. Now I refuse to get everyone ever made, not happening, but the list of ones Melissa and I want is really long. Ha ha. I need to take a picture of it, but I put Hulk next to my Hulk movies on my DVD shelf and it was a perfect fit. So now I know where to put the new Funko Pops when I get them. Yes I am a geek computer nerd, but I don't care. Melissa also got me Dracula Untold. An amazing movie. I can't wait to re watch it on hi def in surround sound. Sunday night, we watched some shows and headed to bed. That was my weekend, I hope you had a good one. 

 Now sliding to the present, the weekend review commences now! Monday was so busy I didn't have time to do anything. Tuesday, was not as busy So I did some research and I found a new emulator for all the platforms I have. It's called Ppsspp, it's a Sony PSP emulator. I saw a YouTube video showing it running on an Ouya. I was like holy moly, I'm trying that shit tonight. Wednesday, I fired up the Ouya, loaded the Ppsspp APK and tried out some of my ROMs. The controls were actually pretty close to being configured. I changed R3 and L3 for start and select and I changed R2 and L2 for save states and load states. For the most part it actually worked pretty good. Obviously the PSP is pretty powerful so some games would be hardly playable and would stutter and have so may pop ins. Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire played okay. GTA Liberty City Stories stuttered really bad, it was basically unplayable. Oh well, that's okay, it's about the testing part of it too. I need to try the emulator on my pc and see how it does. I have been playing Minnish Cap again. I need to take some screen grabs. I haven't really played anything else.

 Movies I'm watching, I started watching High School Of The Dead again. This is still one of my favorite animes. I started watching Die Hard, The Transporter, Robin Hood, Bambi and Galaxy Quest. I know I'm forgetting at least two or so movies. Isn't it funny that I can remember the flow and plot lines of all those movies at once, but I can't remember the movies I'm watching. I was trying to get disc 2 of Land Of The Giants and now it's not available. I don't know what's up with that. Hopefully it comes back soon. There are so many movies I want to watch and so little time. I have games I need to play, games I need to finish, emulators to configure and my list of other things to do is endless. One thing at a time, one foot in front of the other.

 Music, I found a couple new to me songs and you might like them. First up is Tove Lo - Stay High. I'm not going to try and embed anymore sorry. Next is Alesso - Heroes (We Could Be) featuring Tove Lo. See what I did there? You know, I actually thought Heroes, was for Big Hero 6 and was disappointed when I found out it wasn't. If you haven't seen Big Hero 6, definitely check it out, better yet buy it, you won't be disappointed. Speaking of music, I am so pissed right now. In iTunes 12. whatever, the create mp3 version is not working and now i have go through a cluster fuck workaround to hopefully make it work again. I actually need mp3 conversion so I can have my music on all devices I want it on. AAC is nice, but it doesn't play nice (Pun intended) on all my devices. Hopefully I can figure it out, if not Apple and iTunes has lost a very damn loyal customer.

 Computer stuff, so I wrote RetroPie 2.5 to my sd card for my Raspberry Pi. I booted it and it self configured my PS3 controller! Sweet! The lights don't blink and save and load hot buttons work. I am having problems with the GBA BIOS of course. I need to work a little more on it and see if I can figure it out. I wish gpSP could read bios from the BIOS folder or at least be accessible in either Windows network, Filezilla or Putty. This should not be this hard. Anyways, so I got it going and started copying some ROMs over. I started gettign some weird error messages in Filezilla. It would say my sd card was full. Well long story short, I forgot to expand the rootfs! Ha ha. So I haven't touched RetroPie since then, but I need to. I read some more about Lakka and I will give it a third try. I will see what happens with that. 

 Randon internet pictures:
Not my picture, but I'm definitely doing this.

And you wonder why I'm watching Bambi and Robin Hood. Ha ha.

Drita is funny as hell.

 That's what I got for this weekend review / midweek update, till next time.

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