Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend review for 2/28 - 29/15.

 So Friday was Melissa's birthday. Thursday night, I decorated for her and set out her presents. I totally forgot to take pictures of it too. My Thursday night was extremely crazy, what mattered was I got it all done and ready for her for the morning. Friday morning I woke up early and got to the see the excitement in Melissa's eyes as I showed her the gifts. She was really excited for the Baymax Funko Pop I got her. Now we have a set of Baymax's. Mine is in the suit and hers is the pearlescent white color. Friday night when I got home, I had this bag waiting for me.

The Olaf is a new inside joke for us. The mini Funko is amazing though.

 I finally got my Jason Voorhees Funk Pop. My collection is slowly growing. After had some dinner we headed upstairs and tried to find something to watch. We finally found some documentary, annoyed we went to bed.

 Saturday, we woke and I took Melissa to Target to get some stuff with her birthday money. when we walked in, we headed over to the dollar section. The heavens opened up and shined down on these glass bottles.

A dollar each, I couldn't pass them up. I grabbed three of them. The visions of The Legend Of Zelda's, blue potion, red potion, fairy and good bees were flying through my head.

This is what I was picturing when I saw the bottle.

 I searched everywhere for a fairy that would fit inside the bottle. I couldn't find anything, then I tried finding a bee. No luck. We went to a few different stores and I still couldn't find anything.We went to Red Robin for dinner and we had to wait a long time for service and food. We were disappointed, we ordered some onion rings and cro-nut towers and those were good. My burger wasn't horrible, but could have been better. After dinner, we had to do some grocery shopping. That was not fun, but we need to eat so we had to do it. We got home and it was time to relax. We headed upstairs and Melissa took a bath while I played around on my Hp Stream Mini, (Blog coming later.). Well I was trying to figure out some Xbmc Kodi action and my keyboard mouse combo was freaking out. It was losing signal and making the pointer freak out. I was like I'm going to restart the computer and see if it works. Well, Windows update had other ideas. So the whole time I could have been playing around and streaming, Windows was updating. Oh well, when it was working, the Stream was amazing.

 Sunday, we did our normal house stuff and I was supposed to mow the lawn for the first time this year and the weather was crazy. It turned out that I could have mowed, but that wasn't until it was too late. So I started looking an Amazon for a bee or a fairy, for my bottles. Melissa tried painting one of the bottles. It started looking really, really good, but then the paint started dripping down the side. I'm slowly, but surely turning Melissa into a geek like me. Who would ever think that she would search for a mini fairy figure or paint a bottle to look like a Legend Of Zelda potion bottle. So it was a no go on Amazon, I pre ordered Interstellar and ordered a usb to PS2 controller adapter for the Hp Mini. While I was doing that, Melissa said try the bee that came in my flower bouquet you bought me. I was like it won't fit, she said squeeze the wings a little bit. Voila!

 Here is my homemade Golden Bee in a bottle. I think it is amazing and now I'm even more excited for finding some paint for my red and blue potions. Even Melissa thought the bee looked awesome. A special thank you goes to Melissa, for letting me take her birthday bouquet apart for the bumblebee. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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