Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend review for 2/28 - 3/1/15.

Friday night we watched, White Bird In A Blizzard, with Shailene Woodley from Insurgent and Divergent amongst other things. It had a pretty good known cast in it. The movie itself wasn't too bad, but it was slow. There's a huge twist in the end I was not expecting. It's not a buy but it's a rent for sure.

 Saturday, we wanted a lazy day, so we grabbed some blankets and relaxed on the couch watching some shows. After some shows, we played Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. We were playing along and we got to a really hard level with a giant bird and it kicked our ass a couple times. I finally beat it and it turns out it was the boss battle. No wonder why it was so damn hard. And to top it off, I didn't grab all the coins, so we didn't get the completion stamp. Damn, now we're gonna have to replay it for the damn stamp. One thing I noticed when I turned on the Wii U, the home button on the gamepad was blinking blue. I turned on the power and it was an ad for Donkey Kong something. It was making the screen on the tv all glitchy. I had to restart the Wii U and then the screen was fine. I don't know if I like having ads sit on my gamepad wasting batteries. After playing, I went and got teriyaki for dinner and we decided to watch some more movies. We watched Intruders, with Miranda Cosgrove. It was alright, not the best, but not bad. I just hate how the characters act like they're dumb. I would check every inch of my house, if I saw that rooms were added and stuff. After that, we watched Big Hero 6, in surround sound. I love the movie and I'm so glad we bought it. We headed upstairs and we watched a documentary about the big plastic garbage island floating in the sea, called Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It was a really eye opening documentary. It should birds dying because of the plastic chunks stuck in their stomachs. Could you even imagine, slowly dying while plastic shards rip through your bowels then you suffocate? That would be an awful way to die. And they also feed their young and the young are actually being feed plastic chunks and dying. All the things we are told to recycle that can't even be recycled is really fucked up.

 Sunday, we had a lot of house chores to do. After the chores, we watched some shows and relaxed. We made an amazing pot roast in the crock pot with a new way to make baked potatoes. Everything turned out amazing. The potatoes didn't quite turn out the way we thought, but they were still good and it's always worth trying new things. Side note, I have been trying to finish watching a show called Revelations The End Of Days on the History channel. Like I said before, I like religious movies and shows, I find it fascinating. Anyways, the show has stuck with ever since I watched it. In the first couple minutes, they say the when Revelations happen, trumpets and loud noises will be heard around the world. Cut to Friday, I saw this picture on my Facebook.

 Dafuq!? Are you serious?! I saw this and actually got goose bumps a little. I never heard the noises, but that's some scary shit. Even Melissa was like what the fuck after I showed her. Ha ha. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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