Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend review for 4/11 - 12/15.

 Friday night, Melissa got some Little Caesars pizza for dinner. We ate pizza and we watched Party Down South. After dinner, we headed upstairs were we tried watching a documentary on some plane crash cock pit recorders. The whole movie was two guys on a set that looked like part of a plane, lip syncing the recorder. It wouldn't have been too bad if there was like computer recreations or something, but we turned it off. We ended up watching a different documentary on help lines. Like suicide hot line, support lines and all that. It was actually pretty interesting.

 Saturday we had a bunch of errands to run. First we hit Walmart, I was looking for some bricks to put around our sidewalk trees. No luck for those, I looked through the $5 DVD bin, but didn't see anything that sparked my interest. I found some sweet Dickies t shirts in my size for $10. That's a good deal, I found some swim shorts, but I ended up not getting any of that. We headed up tot he Everett Mall to get Melissa's ring cleaned. We stopped by Hot Topic and we were blown away with the Funko Pop selection they had. I almost grabbed see through Predator and Melissa almost grabbed a Minion. We headed back towards our neck of the woods and we went Ace Hardware to look for the sidewalk tree bricks, no luck there either. We headed over to the dollar store, I looked for a fairy to finish my Zelda glass bottle, but no luck with that either. After the dollar store, we were starving, so we went to Ixtapa for some good Mexican food for lunch. After eating too much, we headed over to a new snow cone shop. Melissa loves shaved ice, so she was really excited. The consensus was, the water tasted like bleach and Lysol, the syrup tasted like it had been sitting for years and cut with bleach to add shelf life. I did end up finishing mine, when I tried Melissa's, I really thought I was eating bleached ice. I won't be naming the shaved ice place.

 After that, we headed over to Staples for a new desk calendar. Melissa saw a sale sign on the front door for jump drives. $5 and up. I headed over to the clearance isle and then over to the jump drives. The Staples branded jump drives, did indeed start at $5 and up. They 8 gigs for $5, 32 gigs for $16. I was contemplating they use of them and I was about to get three of them. Then I decided to not waste money and just get an 8 gig one, so I could create the recovery drive for the Hp Mini. After Staples, we headed down to EE Lumber to look for the bricks, no luck. We headed over to Value Village to check out what they had. I almost bought an Xbox original, but I already have too many projects and I didn't want to waste 10 bucks. I looked through the mini dolls to see if they had any fairies and struck out again. After we left Value Village, we headed over to a new comic book store that I had seen a sign for. We walked through the door and was overwhelmed by all the cool stuff they had to look. The had a sweet Red Hulk 12 inch action figure for $25.

  They had a roasted Stay Puft marshmallow man Funko for $15. They had 12 inch vinyl Spy Vs Spy set and an Alien set fro $90. They had some old Wolverine comics for $50. Needless to say I didn't buy anything, but I will go back and check it out again. We got home and we were exhausted from the long day. We relaxed and watched some shows. Saturday night we watched Open Water 2: Adrift. It actually wasn't too bad, but I think we were both confused with the ending.

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do.After the chores we started making some breakfast sandwiches to freeze for lunches.

Before and during.

After: This sandwich looks amazing.
 Melissa found some pre cooked frozen sausage patties. She got the English muffins, eggs and cheese. They were done in four minutes for thawed patties and five for frozen. Next time I am going to crack the egg straight in so I can have the yolk and Melissa wants to try pouring it straight in and popping the yolk so she has more of the whites. They smelled delicious, our friend actually made them for us for Melissa's birthday morning. Man oh man, were they good for lunch. Speaking of lunch, since it was national grilled cheese day, Melissa made us so jalapeno popper, grilled cheese sandwiches. At first, it was really spicy to me, but then the cream cheese and cheese soaked in the jalapenos and made it really good. After lunch, it was time to build the kitchen we bough for an almost one year old niece.

All pink everything. Ha ha.
After the build extravaganza, we relaxed and watched some shows. I barbecued for the first time and we had an amazing dinner. We watched the Mtv Movie Awards. The host sucked and most of the award show itself was dumb. The Fault In Our Stars, got Best Movie of The Year which is cool and Shailene Woodley from Divergent, got the Trailblazer Award. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

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