Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend review for 4/25 - 26/15.

 Friday night, Melissa had to go to bed early because on Saturday, she had a March Of Dimes walk to be in. So I had an amazing Winco deli sandwich waiting for me and a Netflix movie to watch. I popped in Frankenstein Vs The Mummy. I knew it would be a "b" movie, but oh my god. It was two hours long and horrible. It turned into a "c" movie. I actually fast forwarded in parts to make it to the end. I kind of wished I would have streamed it, so I wouldn't have wasted my movie by mail, oh well. So I was done eating and I was ready for bed.

 Saturday morning, I woke up and Melissa was still at her walk. I should have slept in more, but oh well. I had been working early on Thursday and Friday and it caught up to me. So I went downstairs, made some coffee and vegged out on so Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. It was about time itself. Is time made up by humans or was it always around and then we discovered it? Melissa got home from her walk and we started relaxing on the couch. After awhile we still had some errands to do, so we headed down to the dollar store. We picked up a few things and we headed over to KFC for some lunch and dinner. We headed back home and had our lunch. It was actually really good, we got a go cup lunch cup. It had potatoes wedges and popcorn chicken. Saturday night, we watched more shows and we headed upstairs to watch a movie. We started watching Home Sweet Hell, but we feel asleep watching it. Ha ha.

 Sunday we were both still feeling the week, but we had our normal house chores to do. We were both not feeling chores, house work, spring cleaning and all that. It was a really long headache inducing day for both of us. We already felt like we had a shorter weekend and Sunday fucked us over. We eventually got to relax a little and watch some shows, but the day flew by so fast. We made an amazing dinner consisting of lil' smokies, jalapeno poppers and deviled eggs. That's how a, don't give a fuck Sunday dinner goes. Ha ha. Till next time.

A little score I got from the dollar store. I was gonna do this cool collage of the cards, but oh well.

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