Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend review for 4/4 - 5/15.

 Friday night, we watched some shows instead of a movie. We headed to bed and called it a night. We were both tired and wore out from the week. Saturday, we decided to wake up early and go tot he movie theater and watch Insurgent. We both thought it was amazing and we can't wait to see part three. I will definitely be buying this on DVD Tuesday. Some of the movie was interesting to try and follow. When they are in the "sim" (Simulation), it's hard to know what is the sim or movie. They budget definitely got bigger and the effects got better. I won't give anything away and to me it is worth seeing and buying. After the movie we went to tea with our friends for our birthdays. Now we have never went to tea before and I was talked into it by Melissa. We got there and they let you pick your own tea cup and you're seated. We looked at the menu before online so we had an idea of what they had. I ordered the pumpkin tea, turkey avocado bacon sandwich and a Sierra Mist. The tea tasted like tea and not really like pumpkin, but it was okay. My sandwich was amazing and I would go back for it. All in all, we had fun and that's what matters. After tea, we headed to Safeway to get something for dinner and some last minute Easter treats.

 Saturday night, we watched some more shows since our dvr was backlogged. After some show watching, we headed upstairs and popped in our Netflix movie. I will not be naming this movie as it was absolutely, incredible horrible and should be burned and then thrown away. Some of these scenes were so disturbing, I actually have to wonder if the actors themselves are okay. I don't know why, any of these people would put them self through some of these scenes. I know it's a movie, but they're actually taped or tied, that's not faked. Seriously, this movie was fucked up and it needs to be burned from my brain.

 Sunday, Melissa's mom came over for a nice Sunday dinner. We had like a five course meal. We had amazing salad, deviled eggs (Pun intended), homemade macaroni, homemade scones and desserts. Holy shit was it amazing. In between our meals we watched Interstellar. It was just as amazing as it was when we saw it in the movie theater. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

I wanted to leave you with an amazing picture of a drool worth homemade scone.

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