Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend review for 5/16 - 17/15.

 Friday night, we watched Extraterrestrial.It was actually a B+ movie. It had a bigger budget and effects than I thought it would have. I like how it had a different take on alien invasions and abductions. There was some parts that they took from, Fire In The Sky. Fire In The Sky freaked me out when it first came out. I remember seeing the scene in where the guy gets abducted, taken aboard the ship and is dragged down some sort of hallway with what looks like plastic covering his mouth so you can't hear him scream. Extraterrestrial, took bits of that scene, but they did it very well. I didn't like the ending at all. They could have done it better, but all in all, it was a pretty good movie. I do recommend seeing it.

 Saturday, we had some errands to run and we heard there was some garage sales going on in a huge community. So we headed on down the road and started looking for deals. This community was huge, with huge houses in it. Like a three car garage was the norm for this place. We headed to our right when we pulled in. The weather wasn't as good as it was supposed to be, so there weren't that many sales. We found a couple, but nothing sparked our interest.So we're driving around and all of a sudden we see a golf cart driving down the road! What? We keep driving and come to a golf cart gang and the were taking over the golf cart crossing. We actually watched gold carts driving up to garage sales. So now we had to avoid pedestrians, cars, golf carts and golf cart crossings. We stopped at one house and I found a little ride on dinosaur for $7. We looked around a little more and we decided to buy the dinosaur. Our now year old niece will love it. We headed out and found a couple more houses. We were walking up to one house and there was a person carrying this ball game that would have been perfect for our niece and another person was carrying a pink colored Coleman cooler. If we would have showed up a little sooner, we could have scored. We finished getting to the house and we found nothing. This garage slash man-cave was insane. There were pictures, poster, beer signs and toys everywhere. Then on the left side, there was a wall of woman's shoes. We bought a pop and we left.

 We decided we were good with the sales and we headed down to get the oil changed in my car. After the oil change, we headed over to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Oh my god, I love their food and fries. After taking our time and enjoying this amazing barbecue feast, we headed over to Costco. I fell in absolute electronic love with this Vizio 60 inch led tv. It was only $850. Which is actually a pretty good deal. After drooling over the tv's, we headed over to the clothes. We found a couple outfits for our niece. We looked at the cool out door furniture and we headed over to pastry isle.We got some bagels and pastries and we got in line. After Costco, we headed over to Jamba Juice and it was the very first time they have ever messed our drinks up. It was supposed to be orange dream machine, it ended up being mocha something green tea? What is that? So they remade our drinks and we off and running. We headed down to Safeway, we got a few things and we headed home. At home we watched some shows and relaxed. Saturday night, I pulled out the Hp mini and we were going to stream some movies. Now the last time I tried the HP min, I tried an hd stream and put the cursor halfway into the movie and it was off and running with no buffering. This time though, it was stuttering to even start an sd stream. It was buffering and buffering, it did have Windows updates, but it shouldn't have caused all that buffering. We did get through a couple movies and we headed upstairs.

 Sunday, we had our normal house chores and yard work to do. I finished my house chores, but had to wait for the sun to come out cause the grass was still kind of wet. After the hours of waiting drained all of my strength and motivation, it was time to mow the lawn. So I mowed the lawn, but I had to mow the backyard twice to get it at the same height. Then I had to weed whack? weed eat? I don't know the proper terminology, but I had to do that too. After the strenuous and tedious yard work it was time to relax. We had a good pb&j sandwich and we watched some more shows. Sunday night, we made parmesan / jalapeno chicken for dinner. After awhile it was time for bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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