Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend review for 5/30 - 31/15.

 Friday night, we watched The Boxtrolls. For me it is a hot and miss when it comes to stop motion movies. We watched ParaNorman, Frankenweenie and a few others. Paranorman wasn't bad to me, Boxtrolls wasn't bad either. I do like the effects and the patience it takes to build all of those working sets. I don't think I would buy the movie, but who knows. If you like stop motion movies, definitely check it out.

 Saturday, we finally had our movie and a date night set. We were gonna go to PF Changs and see San Andreas. I hate getting ready and waiting to go somewhere. We had a couple hours to kill so we watched a few shows. Finally, we were able to go and we were on our way. I hate malls, parking lots, restaurants, stress, anxiety and people. So these outings are a huge undertaking for both of us to deal with. We got to the Alderwood mall parking lot and we began our hunt for parking. We spotted someone starting to back out and we're like, cool lets take it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see another car coming around off to our left. I knew he was gonna try and take the spot. What do you know? He tried taking the spot, I honked the horn and held up my hands and was like, the fuck. He finally got the idea and moved on. We parked and headed to PF Changs for our 4:30 reservation. It was 4:15 and we were already seated. It wasn't too crowded and we got a booth this time instead of a table out in the crowd. We were drooling at this point and we off and ordering. Our amazing lettuce wraps were first. It was so damn good. We tried the egg rolls instead of the spring rolls. They weren't too bad, but I like the spring rolls better. Next up was the Mongolian beef and sweet and sour chicken. The Mongolian beef, was so exquisite, that we ate more than we should have. After our main course, we got dessert. We got a vanilla cream won ton and the-world-famous-better-than-cheesecake-factory-cheesecake. Side note, I don't even know if the little dashes in between what I was writing is supposed to be there or not. The cheesecake at PF Changs is so amazing, I want to get a full one for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

 After we ate too much, we headed into the mall to check out a few stores. I wanted to check out the Asian dollar store, Lego and Mrs Fields cookies. Well low and be fucking hold, Mrs Fields is gone and so is the Asian dollar store. Dafuq! irritated, we headed into Lego so I could find a fair mini fig to go in my bottle for The Legend Of Zelda. Well mini figs are 3 for $10. Not happening and I didn't even see fairy wings or wands or whatever. I headed over to the bigger Lego figs and they had nothing either. I checked out the girl Lego section, nada. Majorly disappointed we headed over to Lolly and Pops and found... Nothing. We headed out to the car and drove over to the movie theater. We found a killer parking spot right up front. I walked up the broken escalator, got inside and we got our movie tickets. We went over the concession stand. So now I don't go to the movies a lot, so ordering is a confusing cluster fuck of numbers. I told the guy a large popcorn and large pop, which is a 1. He literally gave me the smaller "large" and a bag of popcorn instead of a bucket. I said isn't this a number 1, a large popcorn large drink. He said yes, but I only said large not a number 1. Really!? So for $20 fucking bucks, I have to be the exact to you!? You can't figure the fucking numbers out!? Dude, fuck you! We headed over to the not really at all cool Coke machines were you can pick your own flavor. The cherry syrup tastes like ass, so that means no cherry coke, sprite, Pepsi or anything else cherry flavored. I was irritated from the popcorn, that I got a cherry coke. Melissa was off getting popcorn butter and we both decided that the coke tasted like shit and we would get sprite. The butter machine can suck my ass too and at this point, fuck the movies and fuck everyone.

 We handed our ticket over and we walked to the filling up theater room. I headed up toward the top and we plopped down. Full, but irritated, I'm trying to calm down, I take some popcorn and eat it. I get kicked in the back of my chair. I am so beyond over this bullshit, I really want to leave. Melissa is getting fed up and it's not looking good for the movie. The movie finally starts and we're enjoying it. Again the back of seat gets kicked and pushed forward. I've had e-fucking-nough, I turn around and was like what the fuck. The bitch behind me scooted her legs back and I sat down. I adjusted my chair and pushed back. I'm told she allegedly said sorry, but whatever. I'm trying to maintain my composure and enjoy the movie. So San Andreas was really good and I liked it. There was some really over the top unbelievable things in the movie. Dwayne Johnson to me, is actually becoming a lot better actor then I had thought. It was really cool who they picked for the cast. Carla Gugino, played in The One with Jet Li. Alexandra Daddario, played in Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Texas Chainsaw. If they come out with some sort of collectors pack for San Andreas, I might get it when it comes out.

 We left the movie theater and we headed over to Chick Fil A, to see if we could try something. Nope, there was 35 cars in line and we were like nope. We drove home and we were gonna stop at Dairy Queen, nope the line was too long. We busted a bitch and we headed to Wendy's, we got some frostys and some burgers. We got home and we decided to relax and have a movie night. We watched The Wedding Ringer. It was actually really damn funny. I won't buy it, but it had some laugh out loud moments. We needed that after our day. After The Wedding Ringer, we headed upstairs and watched some documentary on Netflix about some armature film stars.

 Sunday, we had our house chores to do. I had to mow the lawn and that fun stuff. After that we made dinner and watched some shows. Melissa headed to bed and I played Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I finally beat the campaign. I completed another game off my list! Yes, I am happy. I really do have to give it to Kevin Spacey, he plays a good villain. The Motion capture and effects were really damn good. I played some Battlefield Hard Line. Man that damn game is getting harder for me. I played the prison break "episode". I am not good at stealth and hiding. I lost count how many times I had to replay that one. It's getting to the point where I can't even focus on trying to arrest the warrant people cause I'm getting found and I can't be stealth enough. After two episodes, I called it quits and went to bed. I'll go into more details on the midweek update. Sorry for ranting, but I needed to get it out. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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