Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend review for 6/20 - 21/15.

 So Friday night, Melissa had our friend come over earlier in the day to watch a movie. She had ordered Christianos and put out our chairs for the parade on Saturday. So I got some good left overs. We had pizza and salad. It was amazing. We found a crazy Adam Sandler movie on Netflix, it was called The Cobbler. Adam Sandler is a shoe repair man that can jump into other people's lives when he wears their shoes. I don't expect all his movies to be hysterical, but you do need some comedy in them.

 Saturday, we got to sleep in. We got up and we relaxed and watched some shows. After awhile, we headed over to Melissa's friends house for a birthday party. We had a nice drive and the weather was amazing. We finally got to her friends house after getting turned around once. We walked in and were blown away by the house. This is a three level, almost 5 thousand square foot house on the lake. We found Melissa's friend and we got a tour. This house was a little older, but the potential is there. They have a balcony off of their master bathroom. They have rooms upon rooms.  I was supposed to see the Ferrari I guess, but it was being detailed. I told Melissa, if she ever had the opportunity too drive her friends Benz, she definitely should. I would in a minute. After the tour we got some grubbin' food and we chilled on the driveway over looking the lake. After we ate too much, we walked out on the dock. We both hate docks and this guy overheard us taking and started jumping up and down. Melissa made like a scream noise and it set off this guy even more. It was all in fun, but Melissa didn't think so. We walked back up to the driveway and we grabbed some chairs and headed for the shade.

 We relaxed for awhile taking in the lake and the atmosphere. We were told by this guy that he had brought some chicken and pork and we should check it out. I headed upstairs and grabbed both the pork and the chicken and some more of these wrap sandwiches. Like I said, I ate way too much, but it was really good food. I wanted to put this chicken on some nice white sticky rice. Man oh man, that would have been good. We kept talking and relaxing. We were catching up with Melissa's friend. Even she said we looked really relaxed. I said yeah we are, we don't have to worry about dishes, people, food, cleaning or anything. We all laughed and she said yeah that makes sense. We hung out for a little longer, then it was time to leave and head to the parade.

 We got back to where the parade route was and they had already started blocking off some roads. We had to back track and go some weird way to get our friends. We finally got their house and we were off. We headed back and parked, we walked across the street to Burger King for some lunch. We got done eating and we headed over to Albertsons for some drinks and candy. I was going to go on this speel about eating and having candy, but you know what? I don't care and I'm not going to feel bad for enjoying an amazing day with my wife and our friends. Side rant over. We got to our chairs and we sat and waited for the parade to start. We had these religious people on bull horns spouting something about their views. I'm all for people speaking their views, but not in this type of environment. The parade started and we got comfortable. After awhile, I had to go tot he bathroom. That meant having to walk all the over to Albertsons. I tried to stop at Starbucks, I asked them if they were still open and they just laughed. I guess I'm a comedian, confused I walked back to our seats. I sat for a little longer, then I decided we should get some hot chocolate. I headed down to the coffee stand and got it. Back at the chairs, all of sudden we heard some fireworks go off. We thought it was the pirate ship, but no, now we had to hurry up and put our chairs away and walk down int he parking lot for the show.

 After the show, we started making our way through the maze of blocked off streets and stopped cars. as we were trying to turn right, this asshole is driving on the basically the curb trying to cut me off. I honk and continue to go. This asshole decides to flash his brights at me and keep them on for a block. We finally get to an intersection with a cop and this guy turns off his brights. We almost got to our friends house to drop them off with this asshole following us. We sat and bullshitted with our friends for a little bit and then we went home. We warmed up some left over pizza and we watched some shows. We headed upstairs and we turned on some Antarctica documentary, but we fell asleep.

 Sunday we had our house stuff to do. We are both not really into fathers day so we just relaxed and watched some shows. I played a mission of Battlefield 4 for a little bit, then we turned on The Whispers. It actually is turning out to be a good show. We hadn't watched it yet, so we had 3 episodes. We really got into it and now we have a good summer show to watch. Now I just need Z Nation to come back. We're waiting for Big Brother and I'm waiting for Fear The Walking Dead. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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