Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend review for 7/18 - 19/15.

 On Friday night, we got Subway for dinner and we watched Big Brother. After dinner we headed upstairs and we fired up Netflix. We found some weird Australian movie called These Final Hours. So it sounded like either a meteor or something was going to end the world in like 12 hours. It started out really damn weird and kept being weird. So the world is ending, what do you do? Do you kill someone? Do you party like no tomorrow, pun intended? We there's a little bit of everything in this movie. A disturbing part for me was two guys kidnap a 10 year old if that girl. You can see where it is going with that, but the main character saves her with nothing happening to her. It was weird, but interesting.

 Saturday, we had another birthday party to go to. Melissa spent most of Friday afternoon, busting her ass making cupcakes. she had spent at least a month or so getting decorations and and stuff ready for it. I hope she's getting compensated for it. So on a 90 plus degree day, we have to deliver cupcakes and setup a table. It sounded like after the fact that either the girl didn't like something or she was just being a bitch. I told Melissa, our new word will be, no. Can you help with this? No. After the obligatory staying for a little bit, we headed home. We stopped by Target, a couple stores and we got lunch. After I was done shopping, I walked outside and there all this smoke and ash.

 Well we looked across the parking lot and we saw all this smoke. Some trees caught fire and was burning near a power pole. We got in our car and got our of there. After a little bit, we heard that the power had been lost because of the fire. We got our lunch and we drove home. We scarfed our food and then we started working on some more raffle baskets for the palooza that was on Sunday. We finished the baskets and we started to finally relax and watch some shows. After awhile we made a nice cold dinner. We watched a few more shows and headed upstairs.We streamed a movie and we headed to bed.

 Sunday, we had to wake up early and get read for the palooza. We got ready and packed up the cars. We headed to Starbucks and got coffee. We made it to the freeway then it all stopped. There was an earlier accident that was now on the shoulder, not blocking any lanes and people on all three lanes were stopping and gawking. Really!? No one, this day and age, has never seen a wreck? We finally got to the venue and were locked out. The owner was caught in the same traffic as us. We got in the venue it was already 90 degrees and we started setting up. Well, it ended up being 96 degrees and this was the best palooza they had ever had. Melissa had started working on this in January. They raised a good amount of money and people had fun. Finally after many hours, it was our turn to go home. We stopped by Dick's Drive In and we got some burgers. We ate and I ordered some burgers to go and we drove home. When we got home, we got comfortable and watched some of our shows. It was time for Melissa to go to bed. I played a few missions in Grand Theft Auto 3. My Tut recording messed up, but I found it again. After awhile I was so damn tired, I went to bed. I am so proud of Melissa for everything she has been doing and accomplishing lately. She has majorly stepped out of her comfort zone and made stuff happen.

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