Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend review for 7/25 - 26/15.

 On Friday night, we had an amazing chicken caesar wrap dinner. Melissa had been slow cooking it all day in the crock pot. While we mowed our delicious dinner, we watched some Big Brother. After dinner, we headed upstairs and started flipping through Netflix for something to watch. We couldn't decide on anything so we chose Icetastrophe. It was definitely a "B" movie, I thought it was okay. I like most b movies. Melissa didn't like it too much though.

 Saturday, we had a date planned. We were going to do a movie and a lunch. We bought tickets for Minions 3D. This was my first new 3D movie. I only ever remembered the old fashioned red and blue paper glasses they gave me instant headaches. So I was apprehensive about this new sun glasses looking 3D. Well the screen without the glasses was a lot more blurry than I though it would be. Wearing the glasses was a lot more blurry than I thought it would be. It was so blurry in some places because of the fast movement, that it gave me a headache. I'm not any type of videophile snob, but how are people raving about 3D!? How do so many self proclaimed videophiles like this. It blurs, tears, distorts and isn't really clear. I'm, glad I tried it, but it's not for me. There was some cool 3D moments though, there was a bird that flew from no where, snow flakes falling and stuff like that. Unfortunately, all the new led tvs mostly have 3D built in, so it will go to waste for us. After the movie, my eyes and head hurt. Melissa said she got a headache and her eyes hurt as well. We headed to McDonald's for lunch, we had to get a new Minion toy for the collection. Our food was done and we headed home. At home we had our lunch and we watched some shows. We got to relax and no do too much. We watched some more shows and we had dinner. After dinner we headed upstairs and we watched Horrible Bosses 2. Well at least they weren't lying on the title. It was horrible and pointless. There was a couple funny parts in it, but as a whole, it sucked. What a waste of an hour.

 Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got my stuff done and I played some Battlefield Hardline. I finally beat that damn game! We watched some shows we had stacked up. We made another amazing dinner, we had biscuits and gravy. It worked out well because, it was actually cold and rainy. We watched some more shows and Melissa went to bed. I watched a couple episodes of Mythbusters and headed to bed myself. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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