Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend review for 7/4 - 5/15.

 So Friday night, we got subway for dinner since it was again 95 degrees outside. We've been in at least a week long in 85 plus degree weather. This is gettign really old and it's starting to really affect me. We watched some Big Brother and we went upstairs. We finished watching the Antarctica documentary and the Titanic documentary.

 Saturday was the 4th of July. We watched some shows before we were supposed to go to our friends house. They needed us to pick some more ice since it was already 92 degrees. We stopped at Walmart and they were sold out of ice. Albertsons, Bartells and Safeway were sold out of ice. I had the brilliant idea to stop by our new Walgreens. Melissa called first and they said they had 14 bags left. We booked it there and I was basically Army crawling in the freezer for the ice. I grabbed 5 bags and this guy was standing behind us looking pissed. I told him there was 3 left, we headed up the cashier. I said I should have grabbed 6 bags. The cashier said oh we have another pallet full. I was like okay lets go get another bag. The guy who was standing behind us, gave us one of his bags and headed back tot he cooler. He had probably about 8 or so bags of ice. We lucked out, I guess there were gas stations that never got their shipments and had to turn people away. We were like why not put a sign up saying that. We drove up tour friends house and the heat was on. It was already so damn hot.

 I got a drink, food and found shade and stuffed my face. I had already drank like 4 bottles of water, 1 bottle Coke and a Sprite. We I should have kept up on the water. I felt like shit later and I was really dizzy. More on that later. It started gettign a little dark and more fireworks were being let off. Normally, fireworks don't really bother me unless it's like an m100 or something. Mortars were being let off and when they popped, I was actually jumping. I kept on trying to drink a lot, but it wasn't enough. We met a couple guys from the band, I made a request for Bad Company, Bad Company. They didn't end up playing it, but they did play Feel Like Making Love which was awesome. We stayed and listened to the band for a little bit, but soon retreated to the back deck again.

 Melissa caught this amazing video of a firework exploding in slow motion. I had to copy her because it was amazing. So yes Melissa I did copy you, but I am admitting it.

A video posted by Ben C (@_b_e_n_c_) on

 I can't mess with the size, but oh well. We watched some more fireworks and we were tired. We decided to head home, but we were hungry. Oh and a side note. They had plenty of food left over, but it makes me nervous since it was so hot that it was spoiled. They had mayonnaise and cheese slices without any ice near them. I had burgers with just the bun, burger, ketchup and barbeque sauce. It was good, but I did miss cheese and mayo. We headed down and suffered in the heat for Wendys. Yes, we could have used ac, but now I don't know why we didn't. We got into our house and it said 72 degrees and we felt hot. I felt so hot, like over heated to the core. I kinda felt dizzy, but thought it was cause of food. We watched a show and we ate. We did try the Baconator fries, they were actually pretty good. I'm feeling the same after eating and getting dizzier. We decided to head upstairs and our ac was blasting. I did start to feel cooler, but I was still really dizzy. I got an ice pack for my head and I don't know how I got through the movie. We got through the movie and went to bed.

 Sunday, I woke up feeling a lot better, but not a hundred percent. I had some house projects to do and the normal house stuff to do. I had to install the vent hose and housing correctly for the portable ac. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. There are pieces the the vent hose attaches to and they slide to take up the remaining section of window. What I had to do was cut the second piece so it would make the vent hose sturdy. Oh and I had to turn the ac off while I was working on it, so the house started heating up. Anyways, I got the piece cut and assembled. I screwed the vent hose end to the plate which in turn screwed in the sliding pieces to the plate. So basically I made everything nice and tight. I added the foam stripping tot he top of the plate and shut the window down on it. I got a piece of pvc pipe and cut it to length to keep the window shut and put tension on the hose vent plate. Booyah, I normally shoot for 98 percent, but I feel that I reached 99 percent good install for this.

 I worked on a couple other things then just sat down for awhile. For the bedroom ac, I took another pvc pipe and just stuck it in the window to keep tension on the unit. I guess I should have use foam and stuff. The accordion flaps on the side need to be screwed or nailed down, but I didn't want to do that. If ti keeps gettign as hot as it has been, I will definitely have to start thinking about these little things. We had an amazing dinner and we watched some more shows. I was getting over heated again and I went to bed early. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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