Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week four and five.

 So my week started out pretty much the same as any other. I was closing one place and it was about an hour before closing time. I watch a guy walk in that didn't look like he belong there. I asked him what he was doing. He said it was none of my fucking business. Wow, okay, well actually it is my business. I asked him again and he said he was picking something up. I said well this is closed so if you don't have any other business here you need to leave. He said thanks for wasting my fucking time. His friend walks in and heads upstairs. The first guy was like, look I'm not fucking leaving and I'm taking a shit first. He starts walking to the bathroom. As we were talking, I saw his knife in his pocket and he kept rubbing it. I go tell the lady downstairs to call the cops cause I'm not dealing with this. I run upstairs and get the second guy to leave the building. I go back in reception and the guy comes out of the bathroom as the cops show up. I talk to the cops and they say it's good we called them cause this guy has a history of viloence and drug use. Well that's amazing. 

 Weeke five, I get called away from one site to go to another cause there's a potentially violent person at a place and they won't leave. I get there and the guy was talking on the phone. I talk to him and figure out what's going on. He needs a ride and to use a cellphone. Well neither of those are happening with me. So he calls someone and they talk for like four minutes. But they refuse to get him? So he tries calling another number, but it won't dial long distance. I tell him have the person you just talked to call the other number. He says no! Okay well at seven you're going to have to leave the lobby. Seven comes and he's trying and trying to get me to let him stay. I say nope not happening. I walk him out and that's it. So now I escort some people out because they're wondering where that guy went to. On a lighter note, I got told that I pissed off someone by saying they'll be right with them. Cause that makes sense. So clearly this is later than weeks four and five, but I don't have as much time anymore to dedicate to making sure these posts make it out on time. So I'm writing this on week six, I am still thankful and greatful for this job. I'm just still getting used to it all. The schedule the people and all that. Till next time.

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