Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend review for 10/10 - 11/15.

 This weekend was our 15 year anniversary and our 5 year wedding anniversary. Friday night after work, we headed up to the Redmond town center to the iPic movie theater. We have heard about it before, but it was always kinda spendy and a far drive. We we headed out and we stopped at Red Robin for dinner. It was really damn good good too. I haven't had Red Robin that good in a long time. The manager came over to talk to us about their remodel and how we liked it so far. It will look good when it's done. After dinner, we got lost trying to find iPic. We found it and we walked over what looked like a set out of a zombie movie. We got to iPic and we got our tickets. We sat in the lobby for a little bit and we were seated. The seats were big leather recliners with a little table in the middle of them. We sat down and we started looking over the menu. There was almost a fight over the seats next to us cause they bought tickets for the 6th not the 9th. The guys who the seats belonged to were nice about it. I don't know if I could have been. This shit is expensive and I'm not giving it up cause your mistake. I did notice some stuff that should have been a little better, but I gave it a chance. The table wasn't as clean as it could have been. The blankets were suspect. You don't ever see them bring the pillows and blankets out of the theater to wash them. We settled on a brownie ice cream cake and creme whatever cheesecake. It was actually really good. Our bottle waters were actually glass bottles. We sat and ate for a little bit and then the movie started. We were going to see The Martian with Matt Damon. It wasn't too bad. There was some really funny parts and some really slow parts. After the movie, we both had to use the bathroom and Melissa sliced her thumb open on the bathroom lock. She had to pour some sanitizer on it. Man did it look deep. She figured the next day she probably needed to get stitches. So we finally found 405 and we drove home.

 Saturday, was our actual anniversary so we had some amazing cinnamon rolls that Melissa had made. We were both really dam tired from the night before. I think that was too late to stay out, but you have to celebrate. After the cinnamon rolls we opened our presents. I got Melissa some diamond earrings she wanted and she spoiled me with a Nintendo 3ds. There went that budget. Ha ha. I played around with the ds for awhile and then it was time for us to pack and shower for the hotel. We stopped by GameStop to pick an ac adapter for the ds since they don't come with one and I picked up Animal Crossing New Leaf. We hadn't gotten an new Animal Crossing since Wild World for the ds lite. After GameStop, we headed up to Angel Of The Winds and checked in. We got our hotel key and checked out our room. It was actually pretty damn cool inside. I couldn't wait so I popped open the ac adapter and New Leaf and started playing. Melissa was like um it's time to go enjoy ourselves. We headed downstairs and got our new game cards and we made dinner reservations. We gambled for a little bit (well I should say I lost money for a little bit) and we headed to dinner. It was an amazing dinner. I had a steak, Melissa had the fish and chips. We got a cheesecake for dessert and it was a great time. 

 We went out and played the slot machines for a little while longer. We went back and got some candy for our movie night. We got some drinks and we headed back to our room. We played on the ds for a little bit. We watched some tv for a little bit, then we rented The Gift. It actually wasn't a bad movie. At first I was like this has been done before. We knew the plot already, stuff like that. The ending, holy shit, I wasn't expecting that. That was a good ending. We headed to bed. We actually didn't get any sleep, but not for that reason, it was really hot and stuffy in the room. I had the ac going, but we sleep with a fan going and we didn't have that. We heard a lot of people moving around and walking the hallway. 

 Sunday morning, after a long night, we got up and went to breakfast. It was amazing. It was a breakfast buffet. Good food and customized omelettes. We enjoyed ourselves. After breakfast, we tried one last slot machine and we were done. We headed back to the room for a shower and to pack up. We got our bags and we checked out. Heading back home, I was remembering all that we did. It was an amazing night. It was over way too fast. We got home and we had to do our normal house stuff. We relaxed and watched some shows. We made roast beef stuffed peppers for dinner and watched some more shows. That was out weekend. Happy anniversary babe, thank you for 15 years. 

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