Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend review for 10/24 - 25/15.

 Friday night, I was still feeling like shit. We had some dinner and we watched some shows. We headed upstairs and tried to find something on Netflix. I don't even know what we watched. We went to bed. 

 Saturday, still feeling like shit, Melissa went to a volleyball game. I stayed home and played some ds. I was trying to get the money rock on Animal Crossing, but I got a gem instead. That's cool, I also opened the gardening shop too. I need to start taking screen grabs of this stuff. I tried taking a nap for a little bit, but that didn't work. Melissa came home and dropped off some Ray's for me for lunch. I ate that up and Melissa was off again to a Tupperware party. I watched Z Nation and an episode of Quantico. After while, Melissa came home and we both got to relax. Melissa played on the ds for a little bit and I watched some shows. Saturday night, we watched Jurassic World. I still love that movie. It was funny though, they cut the part about her wearing the high heels. Everyone was laughing and talking about it in the reviews. I can't wait for the next one. 

 Sunday, we had lots of stuff to do. We had our normal house chores to do and I had to mow the lawn to get ready for Halloween. That completely wore me out. We got to relax and watch some shows. I played the ds some more. Melissa played some Happy Home Designer. I think it's amazing, that we both have games that we can play in the ds. Sunday night we went to bed a little early. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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