Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 12.

 So I had two root canals done on my teeth. It's feeling a lot better than it has. I still have pain every once in awhile, but nothing like how it had been. So over the weekend, we went to go see The Hunger Games. There was so many people hacking and coughing, it was disgusting. Cut to Sunday, Melissa starts to feel like shit. We try the normal stuff and it doesn't seem to be helping. Well Tuesday morning, Melissa was having a hard time breathing. We were so close to going to the hospital, but we got her calmed down and propped up in bed. In the morning, Melissa went to the walk in clinic. So they told her she has a viral infection and gave her some stuff to take. It's so crazy how fast things change in sickness wise. Well yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I had Melissa rest and relax on the couch while I attempted making thanksgiving. It actually turned out really good. This year, we are both thankful for this job, because without it we wouldn't be able to go to the doctor or dentist. Thanksgiving turned out good and we got to relax all day. We watched Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. They played off eachother so damn well. I want to see them again in another movie besides the Suicide Squad.

 So as I'm writing these week updates, I'm noticing I'm overlapping some topics with my weekend reviews. I'm gonna have to come up with another way to talk about my week, then again about my weekend. I guess I'll just start a post about work if something happens and I can do another post if something happens during the week away from work. And I will definitely keep the weekend reviews. Well that's my plan, till next time. 

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