Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend review for 12/12 - 13/15.

 Friday night, I had to work a little later, but we rented Train Wreck and Melissa ordered pizza. So we had pizza and a movie night. The movie wasn't too bad. Im surprised that John Cena agreed to a lot of that. After the movie we went to bed.

 Saturday, we woke up and had some coffee. I dropped Melissa off at her hair appointment and I ran up to Walgreens for some prescriptions. After Walgreens I went to Bartells to look around while Melissa finished up. Melissa was done and we headed to Bath And Body Works for a soap sale. We were originally supposed to go to the Cedar Creek golf course lights, but we are all still sick and it was raining really hard and it was really windy. We decided not to go, we stopped at our friends house to drop off a few things. We did still go to the golf course, but for lunch. It was damn good too. I had a club sandwich and Melissa had a burger. We ordered a side of tator tots and a bowl of chili. We scarfed our food cause it was so good. 

 We packed up our leftovers and headed home. When we got home we finished wrapping the rest of the presents. We went downstairs and we played the ds for a little bit and watched some shows. Saturday night, we watched Self Less with Ryan Reynolds. It was actually a really good movie. 

 Sunday we did our normal house stuff and watched some shows. We played some more ds. I forgot what night, but I transferred some of my roms and save games from the Nook to Dropbox because Melissa got me some jump drives for me from our advent calendar. My thought was to start playing the games I left on my Nook on my Ouya. I haven't played on the Ouya in a long time. I never got to finish my 10 games for summer either. I'm trying to play catch up. Sunday night, I hooked up the Ouya and started doing all the updates for it and I was going to format the jump drive and by surprise, it was already good to go. Monday morning I was going to transfer the toms over to the jump drive from the Dropbox folder on my computer, but there was some locked properties on each file that couldn't be transferred. Therefore, I need to download each individual file. Not happening, now I'm going to have to hook up the Nook sd card and the jump drive and do the transfer that way. What a pain. Well that was my weekend, till next time. 

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