Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend review for 12/5 - 6/15.

 Friday night, we had some dinner and we watched some shows. Saturday we woke up and braved Bath And Body Works, for their three wick candle sale. It was legit Black Friday all over again. We got our stuff and I dropped Melissa off at home. I had to finish Christmas shopping, I headed in down the road and found some good stuff. The checkout line was as long as BNBW was. After I finally checked out, it was time to hit the next store. I had to find some scratch tickets and tried like three stores. The theirs store finally had them. Now it's off to Walmart. I had a lot of shopping to do there as well. Melissa and I FaceTimed for some shopping which was cool. She got to see what she needed and I didn't have to guess. Ha ha. After finishing Walmart, I stopped at Subway to get us some lunch. Well being stuck behind a half exposed disgusting bare ass for 10 minutes, I finally got our food and was headed home. I got home and we had the delicious sandwiches. Saturday night we wrapped some presents for a little bit and then we streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had the house stuff to do. After the chores were done, we wrapped some more presents. After that, I played the ds for a little bit and we watched some shows. Sunday night we watched some more shows and we went to bed. 

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