Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Video game minute.

 So over the weekend, I got to play some Rise Of The Tomb Raider and I was only 34%. What the hell, I've been playing forever. I am trying to focus a couple hours each time I play to complete the 10 games for summer. I also played some Far Cry Primal. It did some update and said that my save game might not save correctly and I would have to start over. I am 7% and kicking ass. (Sarcasm doesn't type right.) I really didn't want to start over so I played and it seemed like
It doing okay. Also my Xbox One did this weird thing where it froze, the controller wouldn't connect, I couldn't reconnect it and the screen went blank. What the fuck. I looked it up real quick and it said to restart your Xbox and it should work. Well it did, but what the fuck. 

 So on the 10 games for summer list, I had Far Cry Primal, but after seeing I was only 7%, there's no way I can finish it. So I will be removing it from the list. So the list so far:

10 games for summer 2016
 Tomb Raider finished 4/3/16.
2 Call Of Duty Black Ops 3  
3 Rise Of The Tomb Raider 
4 Grand Theft Auto 3
5 Lego Jurassic Park 
6 The Last Of Us 
7 Army Of Two The Devils Cartel
8 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
9 Heavy Rain 
10 Fry Cry Primal
11 Grand Theft Auto Stories From Liberty City

 I might come up with more later depending on how finishing a couple games go. So I saw on PSN this morning that they were having a GTA sale again and this time it was 60% off. I checked it out and I'm glad I got my digital games when I did. These were going for $11 plus and $6 plus. I got mine for like $3 a piece. And I think I talked about it before, but I got both my physical copies of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the PS3 and Xbox 360. I would buy Vice City, Grand Theft Auto 3, Liberty City Stories and all that on disc if I could. It's weird how people, myself included, want to collect all of this stuff. How does the whole collection of Zelda or GTA do anything for anyone? So that means you have a collection, but then what? Like Melissa and I have talked about how cool it would be to collect our old consoles and just our favorite games for them. Nothing spectacular, but like she likes some NES game I love some of them and SNES too, but where are we going to put all these consoles and all the cartridges? The Raspberry Pi helps a lot with that, but the legality of the ROMs or emulators for like my Ouya, but is it the same? Also it's hard enough to find time to play a game, let alone play one together, but then be like, let me go get this console box and cartridge. That was just something I was thinking about. That's what I got for now, till next time. 

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