Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend review for 4/2 - 3/16.

 Friday night, Melissa got the new deep dish stuff crust pizza from Little Ceasars. I made some garlic cheese sticks and dinner was on. It was actually pretty good. We got some game time in, Melissa played some ds and I played some Tomb Raider. After gaming, we headed upstairs and we went to sleep. 

 Saturday, we got up and got ready to go. Melissa had bought our tickets for Superman V Batman Dawn Of Justice. We got to the theater and I got a Starbucks coffee, cinnamon bites and a soda. We scanned our tickets and the anticipation was growing. They showed an expanded trailer for X-Men Apocalypse, oh my god does it look even better. While I almost shed a tear, I came to the realization that, I just need to watch these movies and stop worrying about who's playing who and just watch my favorite characters on the big screen. Would I never want to see Apocalypse, or just let it be? I'll let it be and watch Apocalypse. So the movie was really good, but I didn't absolutely love it. It harder a darker tone to it. Everyone seemed to be broken and not very happy. Given the situation, I did understand why people were gloomy. But overall I think it was a really good movie. After the movie we both were starving so we went to lunch at McDonald's. After lunch, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit. I mowed the lawn then we watched some shows, had leftovers for dinner and then we went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. I got to play some games for quite a few hours. We made stuffed peppers for dinner and we watched some shows. I hoped you had a good weekend, till next time. 

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