Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekend review for 4/23 - 24/16.

 Friday afternoon, I had to go get my third shot for work. I was not in the mood for anything so when I got home we had some dinner and Melissa went to bed early because she had her walk to do the next day. I stayed up and watched some shows. After awhile, I was tired and I went to bed. 

 Saturday morning, Melissa got up and went to her walk. Feeing like crap, I slept in a little bit. I woke up and started binging The Magicians I had saved up on the dvr. Melissa ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of 3 because of them not setting up anything to let the walkers know what was what. I told Melissa, I hope someone complains because there should have been marked places on the trail. Melissa got home and we relaxed. I kept watching some shows and Melissa played some games. We had to go over to our friends house to drop off her present then we got our dinner from Ajs and we went home. We watched some more shows then we headed upstairs. We watched some shows and went to bed. 

Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got some game time in and then we watched more shows. We made permasian chicken for dinner and it was amazing. After dinner, we watched some shows, headed upstairs and then we watched Fear The Walking Dead. One of the grossest parts was when he had to pull out the body gunk from the filter system! Ha ha, the hand is popping out and blood gunk, damn. Till next time. 

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