Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Video game minute.

 Over the weekend, I got to play Rise Of The Tomb Raider and I was still only 67%, damn. This 10 games for summer is going to be a lot harder then I thought. To recap here is my list:

 Tomb Raider finished 4/3/16.
2 Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 finished 4/24/16.
3 Rise Of The Tomb Raider 
4 Grand Theft Auto 3
5 Lego Jurassic Park 
6 The Last Of Us 
7 Army Of Two The Devils Cartel
8 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
9 Heavy Rain 
10 Fry Cry Primal ❌ 
11 Grand Theft Auto Stories From Liberty City

 So I took off Far Cry Primal cause it would have taken the whole summer to finish. So one game at a time is the plan, but then I saw that Homefront The Revolution is at Redbox. So I need to play this game cause it looks amazing and I was thinking about buying it anyways. I rented a couple games before from Redbox and it saved me $120 plus cause the games ended up being horrible. Thinking back now, I'm going to have to buy Duke Nukem ?? for my collection. I have no rhyme or reason to it, but I know what franchises I like. I might have to by the new Doom too. The trailer for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare looks really good and it comes out November 4th. The funny thing was I told Melissa that I wanted one of these games to do like a world war 1 game and it happened! Battlefield 1 comes out October 18th 2016. How cool will that be with modern graphics and gameplay. I told Melissa I'm so excited to get new games. We also have to start working on Captain Toads Treasure Tracker and Lego Jurassic Park. I also have been thinking about trying the Wii U pro controller on my Nook, that would be pretty cool if it worked. So much to do and so little time to do it. Till next time. 

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