Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Video game minute.

 Over the weekend, I played Rise Of The Tomb Raider and I finished the story. So I was sitting at 67% for awhile and after I finished the story I was at 70%. So now I'm at three games finished for the 10 games for summer. Melissa and I played Captain Toads Treasure Tracker and we both came to the agreement that Mr. Toad will not be completed for summer and will removed from the list. We both were struggling playing it and we were having a brain fart over this game. So let's recap:

 Tomb Raider finished 4/3/16.
2 Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 4/24/16.
3 Rise Of The Tomb Raider 5/21/16
4 Grand Theft Auto 3
5 Lego Jurassic Park 
6 The Last Of Us 
7 Army Of Two The Devils Cartel
8 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker ❌
9 Heavy Rain 
10 Fry Cry Primal ❌ 
11 Grand Theft Auto Stories From Liberty City

 Looking at this list, holy shit I don't think I can finish it. Heavy Rain is hard as fuck anyways, GTA 3 has been kicking my ass and The Last Of Us is hard as fuck too. So I have no clue what games I'm going to keep or add to this list. I played some Last Of Us and I don't know how many times I died, but I got to a point with some asshole boss in the gym who throws skin bombs at you and I said fuck it and turned it off. Literally paused the game and turned it off. Video game rage is a real thing and admitting there is a parables is the first step. Ha ha, I'm still at a loss of what games to add to the list. I was thinking maybe Lego Avengers, but if I say fuck The Last Of Us, what else would I pick? The Nook and Ouya games are probably out as well. Writing this out is kind of depressing, so what, now I'm going to have "5" games for summer, but only easy ones!? Ha ha. I'll have to figure it out, till next time. 

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