Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend review for 5/21 - 22/16.

 Friday night, we went to our friends house for their birthday dinner. They made chicken enchiladas and it was amazing. After dinner, we played a new game called What's Yours Like? it was actually pretty fun. You have a word like toaster, then one person has get clues from everyone like mine is shiny. It was interesting. After the festivities, we headed home. We got home and we watched some shows and went to bed. 

 Saturday, we got up, had some coffee and I went to go rent Homefront Revolution from Redbox and I got us a now late breakfast, but actually lunch cause traffic was so bad. I got home and we after our lunch. After lunch I popped in Homefront. After we played games for a little bit, we watched some shows. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Our day flew by so fast, we hated that. We watched some more shows and we headed upstairs to stream a movie. After the movie, it was time for bed. 

 Sunday, we had our normal chores to do and I had to take the game back to Redbox and vacuum out the work truck and our new truck. After that, I came inside and tried playing some Last Of Us. Damn, that shit is hard. Melissa made an amazing dinner. So we had dinner and we watched some shows. After a little bit, we went upstairs and we watched the Fear The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Man I was disappointed. No spoilers, but damn, who chose this to happen? Who chose for what character did what? I was struggling to maintain interest when they were on the boat then the compound got better, but now this. Hopefully, the season can pick up after the break. Till next time. 

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