Friday, February 24, 2012

Move on.

 I saw this picture and I thought to myself, why couldn't I have found this months ago! Especially, when I was going through all that bullshit with my "best friends".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cell phone pic Thursday 2-23-12

I know I have posted a lot of pictures of sunsets, and clouds. But hey I like it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vacuum mishap.

 So Melissa, told me that our upstairs vacuum wasn't working anymore, and that it wasn't sucking anymore. Yes we have two vacuums so we don't have to carry one up and down the stairs constantly. I would recommend that for you as well. Anyways, I had to wait until the weekend, to work on it. I grab the vacuum, plug it in and turn it on. Just to make sure it actually worked. It doesn't have any suction at all. I take it down stairs. Go grab some tools form the garage, and I start pulling this thing apart. The first thing I looked at was the canister. Melissa, had emptied that already. As I was looking at all the hose's, and tubes. I didn't find anything that was wrong. I looked at the filter, and it was dirty but not as dirty as it had been before. I laid the vacuum down, and checked the hose attached to the roller brush. It was clear too. I was like what the fuck. I set the vacuum upright, and some dust fell down from where the canister attaches. I take a closer look, and I saw this fur ball thing sitting there. I was like how the hell did this get there?

 I start feeling around up there, to see if there was a way to detach this thing. I twist thing and pull it down.

We have cats now. So that is fur, and hair. The card board stuff that looks like rat's nest, is actually the cats scratching pad chunks.
 I realize that this was in fact another filter, and obviously, I had never ever cleaned this. Due to the fact, I actually didn't know it was there! Ha ha. So I cleaned this filter thing off.

 Wow what a difference. I put all these parts back together. I even took off the cover for the rolling brush as well. I get it all back together, and what do you know? It works, and it sucks better than it had since it was new. Ha ha. I washed, and cleaned all these parts off, before I put them back in the vacuum.

 So my advice, is if your vacuum is not sucking anymore, and before you pull all these parts off, check to see if you have another filter that is clogged. That will save so much time and effort. Oh well at least it was something simple, and not a broken vacuum. Sometimes it "sucks" to be the handyman. Ha ha, till next time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Impala Daydreaming.

 So for awhile now, I have been day dreaming. Dreaming about owning a new Impala. I have written about my Impala before here.

 I have been dreaming about the engine, rims, tires, and stereo. If I could go back in time I would have prevented the wreck of my Impala.

 I have the color picked out for the new one: "Inferno Orange". Inferno Orange is the color they use on the new styled Avalanche truck. I won't post a picture of the Inferno Orange, because sometimes it looks red, instead of orange. The chrome trim along side of the Impala, has a white insert. I would paint the white section: "White Diamond", with pearl in it. White diamond is the color they use on Escalades.

 For the "SS" emblem, I would want to use two of the Mini Cooper's red "S".

 Instead of this:

 I want to use the 1962's Impala emblem, instead of the 64's. I like the cursive style writing. Can you tell I am sticking to the Chevrolet theme? I can picture these colors in my head. The white pearl would set off the orange perfectly. Then I could do black interior with either white or orange accents. Or just say fuck it, and have orange interior with white accents. I haven't figured that part out yet. I would want a 327 engine again, with a 5 speed automatic transmission. I would do the disc brake conversion, and new suspension.

 I am still up the air about what rims and tires I want to use. I want to have fender skirts. Fender skirts, prevent some rims from fitting in the wheel well. The original tires on this car were called "bias plies". Bias plies are very hard rubber with very small traction grooves. They do have radial style bias plies. That might be an option. Obviously from the color selection, and the interior, I'm not really going for stock. I don't think 20's would look good with fender skirts though. And I don't think they would fit with the skirt on.

 There is just so many different things I would like to do for this project. The only thing preventing me from doing it is money, and a garage big enough to fit this in, ha ha.There are different things I can't even think of, so I'm just gonna end this here, ha ha. You get the basic picture of what I want to do.

 Till next time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cell phone pic Thursday 2-16-12

 I got a present for Valentine's Day from "the cats". Ha ha, I love this stuff.

Yes it is a pawn from Chess. I saw this and I thought it would look good on our game shelf.
Yes, we do like Scrabble, ha ha.
 I think it turned out pretty good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day.

 So here it is again Valentine's Day. When you were younger, it was a day you got candy at school. It was a day you found out if any girls liked you, or just felt obligated. I have mixed emotions for Valentine's Day. When I was younger I wasn't "cool" or "popular". So that meant I never really got any Valentine's. I got a few here and there but nothing like the other kids. Years later I heard that class' were making kids a list of every student in class and all the kids had to give everyone a Valentine's. To me that is a good thing. It means that some little kid won't go home and cry because no one likes them for whatever reason.

 So cut to being "grown up". Now this Valentine's Day thing, gets even harder. You had to have money to take someone on a date. Like a dinner and a movie. Then get them Flowers, candy, a card, and a stuffed animal. Then after all that, you have to make sure they feel special. This is a lot of work. Some guys think that this process ends when you have a steady girlfriend, or wife. There is a little less pressure, but if you don't do all you can, they will remember this day for years to come. This can be a good thing, and a bad thing. The good is if you try harder then you did the year before, they will notice. The bad, if you don't try, they notice. So step up your game, it's worth it in the long run.

 Melissa, and I, went out on our Valentine's Day, date on Saturday. We went to the Olive Garden, and we went to go see the movie, "The Vow". It was really nice to catch up with her, and to have good conversations. I'm not saying we don't do that anyways, but some times you see it better in this type of setting.

 This year I tried something a little different. I tried to buy her some little things, and make her a home made Valentine. I saw a picture of this a couple months ago. And that's when I got the inspiration of doing this for Melissa. I studied the pictures, to find out how I wanted to attempt this. I changed mine up to make it more personal. I know Melissa, might have seen this picture also. Then I got her, her favorite seasonal treats. I just hope that she likes all of this. (I am writing this before Valentine's Day, and posting it after, so Melissa doesn't see what I made or got for her.)

 Make your Valentine's Day, a special one too.

I think I should have used a darker back ground for the tiles? But I don't know what color I would have used to make it still look good.
I noticed that some of the tiles were darker in color. There really wasn't a big selection of tiles to  choose from.
 Update as of last night. So Melissa did love this picture frame. She says now she will have to find a place to hang it. Try something new and you never know, it might be their new favorite thing you did for them.