Friday, June 29, 2012

Old cell phone photo's

 So I was going through and deleting old stuff off of old cell phones. I found old pictures Melissa, took of our iPhones when we first got them.

 Pictures were taken by a Blackberry 8310. It really is interesting seeing, and using old cell phones. Till next time.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cell phone pic Thursday 6-28-12

Girls day. Just relaxing, and stretching out on the couch. Courtesy of Melissa.

 It is all about Snowball today.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie Minute: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

"Master has given Dobby a sock."

"Dobby is free"
"Promise me something. Anything, sir. Never try and save my life again."

 Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures. J.K. Rowling. 2002.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ridin' Dirty.

 I saw this on my way to work today and it made me laugh.

A dump truck with "Ridin' Dirty" on it.
 This is a really crappy picture but it is funny as hell. Ha ha. I was too far back to get a better picture. Oh well. Till next time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

 Well Sunday was Father's Day. When I came down stairs my wife Melissa, had put this this out for me:

 It's a 1 pound! Sugar Daddy from the girls, Sara, and Snowball. I couldn't believe the size of this thing! I wonder how long it took them to carry that in their paws? Well happy Father's day. Hopefully you had a good one too. Till next time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Limited Edition.

 So I like buying DVD's, and movies. I love to try and get the "Special Edition" set, if I can. They cost a little more but it's totally worth it. I bought this: Alien Vs Predator The Ultimate Showdown DVD Collector's Set. I did not spend the $250 dollars on it tho. Spent around $100 dollars or so, but here's why. 7 movies, plus extras, plus 2 light up action figures. The movies alone are $105 dollars at 15 bucks a piece, so the extras are just that extras. It's a win win all the way around. Obviously you can find deals now for these, back when I wanted all these movies, it was 100 bucks for the Alien Quadrilogy alone. So I continue to try and get the special, or limited editions. Below are just a couple of my collectors sets.

 I will start with Hellraiser.I have loved the Hellraiser movie series, I haven't watched them in a long time but I always remember Pinhead, and the Lament Cube. I saw this special edition of Hellraiser coming out. It has Hellraiser 1 DVD, Hellraiser 1 Blu-ray, and Hellraiser 2 DVD. The region 2 release is this. I will take what I can get though. This lament cube is plastic but is sure looks good on my shelf.

I don't like how the DVD's and Blu-ray disc are held in place. There's no protection for them.

 Next is 300. I love the movie 300. I saw they were releasing a limited edition Spartan helmet. I had to have it. I woke up early and went to Best Buy, waited for the store to open to buy this.

  Next is X-Men Origins Wolverine. Now normally I would just buy the DVD special edition and call it good. This release was for Blu-ray only! Oh well I'm not passing it up. I'm happy I got it. Who wouldn't want a metal bust of Wolverine?

 So this is just a few of my limited editions.I am keeping my eye out for more and I will buy them when I can afford them. I hoped you enjoyed this limited edition blog. (See what I did there?) Ha ha. Till next time. Remember to check out part 2 here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cell phone pic Thursday 6-14-12

Original untouched photo.

My new app called BeFunky Pro. Vibrance filter used.
 I am really liking the BeFuny Pro, app. I bought the full version. It has 61 filters. It has 43 frames. Sometimes I think there are to many options ha ha.

Camera+ (Camera Plus). Cloudy effect. No filters used.

Instagram. Lo-fi filter used.
 Can you tell this is Instagram? My picture was in landscape, and in Instagram you have to crop the photo, hence the black border on top and bottom. I am enjoying all of my camera apps. I like Instagram, but use that for my last choice. Just because of the having to crop the photo. Sometimes I don't want to crop a photo. And I know some people will be like Ben, why not just use the Instagram camera? And I will say it uses data, and I want to be able to touch up my photos however I want. I hope this helps anyone out there trying to choose an app. Obviously I do not have a lot of the apps that are available but, I do a lot of research on apps before I try them, and then buy them if I like them. I don't want my phone filled with useless apps. Till next time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cell phone pic Thursday 6-7-12

Camera+ (Camera Plus) App.

Instagram app.
 I wanted to see the differences in the apps. I love Camera+ (Camera Plus). I have used it ever since I got my iPhone. Instagram is obviously popular. I wanted to try it. I don't like the fact Instagram forces you to crop your photo right from the beginning. I think i will stick to Camera+ (Camera Plus), and just buy the in app add on filters for it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wishful Thinking: Game Room Edition.

 This is what I would do to complete my game room if, a big if, if I was like a millionaire or something. I am not saying I don't love or appreciate any, and all the things I have worked hard for in my house, let alone in my game room (my game room is a TV on a TV stand to play old console games, not some room with like a pool table or something). This is just the fun stuff I have seen that I was like yeah that would be cool to put in there. Let the external links to the goodies begin.

 So where to begin. first I would want two, yes two of these. 2 feet tall, by 2 feet long, At-At's. I would use these for my rear bookshelf speakers as speaker stands. Man this is fun already! Next I would want this, it's a limited edition Terminator 2 Endoskull prop, that actually hold movies, and lights up! I would put this on my TV stand as a decoration. I love this! Next I need some more robust internet connectivity. I would buy this D-Link router. I would use this as an wireless access point slash Ethernet switch. So I could have better house wireless coverage, and have any other game consoles hard wired to it. And for all that gaming that would be happening, I would get something like this. It's a cooling fan to mount inside your TV stand to exhaust the hot air from inside. Remember heat kills electronics.

 So for some extra lighting I would get these. Star Wars desk lamps. everyone needs these. For an added bonus I would get these wall mounted Lightsabers, for accent lighting. I would get these headphones for my iPod. I would get 2 of these, Lighsaber replicas to put on one of these Katana stands. You know because you can't have Lightsabers, just lying around. I bet you didn't think I was this geeky huh? Ha ha. So just because I am on a Star Wars kick I would definitely get this. You cannot have a Star Wars theme going on with out an Star Wars edition Xbox 360, with Star Wars start up, and shut down sounds. I would get another set of these Sony bookshelf speakers, to set on top of the At-At's. I would get this Sony center channel speaker. It will match my bookshelf speakers. You always want to try match your speakers in your surround sound if you can.

 For some more decoration's I would definitely get this. It's the Phantasm UK release special edition box set. This would look amazing in my game room. I love the Phantasm movies. I think I would need some more decorations?

 Well I hope you have enjoyed the external link joy which was presented here. This again was wishful thinking. If I think of anymore I will update this blog. Till next time.

 Update. So I was looking at when I came across these Lighsaber holders. Now I don't need those other Lightsabers, or the Katana holders. Well maybe get all them instead of choosing some over the other ones?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can you spot the fake?

 So when I came into my parking garage at work. I saw this:

Bentley. I'm not sure of the full name, but I damn sure know it's a Bentley.

 A Bentley. Bentley cars are like a house on wheels. They cost as much as a normal house. So then I saw this:

Chrysler 300, with Bentley ornament.

Bentley on the left, Chrysler 300, on the right.
  There is a huge difference between the two! Why would you put a Bentley ornament on a Chrysler? To me that looks retarded. If the average Bentley cost's between $300,000 plus, you could buy 6 Chrysler 300's. Oh well whatever. Till next time.