Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend review 8-10-13 - 8-11-13, Seattle trip take two.

 So here we go, it's weekend review time. This weekend we decided to go to Seattle for the Pike Place Market, The Gum Wall and Beth's Cafe.  First stop was Beth's Cafe. Melissa and I, used to watch this show called Man V. Food. Adam Richman, was at a place called Beth's Cafe in Seattle Washington, partaking in the 12 egg omelet challenge. Adam couldn't finish the the omelet. But it looked amazingly good. Cut to Saturday, we headed out of the house and plotted a course to Aurora Avenue (Old highway 99). We find Beth's, we park and put our names on the waiting list. Yes there was actually a wait to get in and eat.

While we were sitting outside Melissa looked up and saw this:

The awning is filled with empty cigarette packs. Bottom picture is zoomed in to show detail.
 This let us know we were in for some fun. Our name gets called, we walk inside and get seated. We sit down and all these crayon drawings are on the wall.

 I knew the whole time I wanted to get the six egg omelet. Melissa got a "short stack' of pancakes.

This picture does not do the sheer size of the pancakes. 

This is the six egg omelet. Again the picture does not do it justice.

The aftermath. I couldn't finish. but it was a damn good time trying.

 After Beth's we walked really slowly to the car (cause our full bellies), plotted a course to the Pike Place Market. After driving all of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, ending up on East Marginal Way, we finally got turned around and found the exit for the market.

Now you might remember we went last year (if you don't remember, here's the obligatory link to a look back at last years Pike Place Market trip here.) Melissa actually was sick when we went, so we couldn't enjoy the trip as much as we could have. Cut to this year, we had an absolute blast. We actually found the Pike Place parking garage this year, which made it so much better for walking to the market.

The view from the sky bridge coming from the parking garage going to the market. Picture courtesy of Melissa.
 We headed to the Gum Wall first.

Obligatory Gum Wall picture. 

The "super professional artistic" attempt at a picture. I actually like it a lot.

 Next we had to take a picture of the sign.

It's a must to take the picture of the sign.

 Last year we wanted to go the very first Starbucks but we couldn't find it. This year we asked the information desk and we were on our way.

  So an hour wait in the Starbucks line and we almost lost our spot because no one said hey you might want to stay in the line you have been sitting in for an hour to buy anything. That was about to piss me off but we got to get back in line and buy our tumbler.

So I saw this when I was checking out a t shirt booth. Random mannequin on the roof. Check.
 We then headed back into the market to check out the lower floors. We didn't do that last year either.

The sheer number of people was absolutely crazy.

The shoe museum. 
  So we found the shoe museum. You have to put in 50 cents to view it. There were like 5 people standing around and I was like screw it, I want to see it. I put in the money the curtain opened and we were bum rushed by people trying to view the shoes! So basically I paid for 8 people to see the shoes. Ha ha. Whatever, it was fun.  We started getting dehydrated and so damn hot we figured it was time to leave.

The "other" market sign. It never gets any love.
 After a debacle of GPS course corrections and plotting, we made our way down 99 to Krispy Kreme doughnuts. After that we headed on down the road and we went to Dick's Drive In, in Lynnwood. Now I have had previous bad experiences. Melissa ordered me a couple of cheeseburgers, fries and a chocolate shake. Damn, I wish I had known about these cheeseburgers over the Dick's Deluxe years ago. I tried a bite of Melissa's deluxe and the shock wave of horror washed over my body. That was the exact burger I had tried before and I hated it. I couldn't believe I had that grotesque taste in my mouth yet again. I told Melissa if her burger would have been the burger I got, I would've thrown the burger at the window and drove off Never went back again. Ha ha. I would actually go to Dick's Drive In again. That's a major step for me.

 This weekend was absolutely amazing! We both had a blast. We had a great adventure. Even with the driving directions, GPS issues and being turned around a lot, it was memorable. I was very proud of ourselves for going out of comfort zone, trying new things and trying old things again. I will say for the record, I never, ever want to go to Seattle again for anything, but this trip was worth it. Bottom line, get out of your comfort zone, try something new or old and enjoy life. Till next time.

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