Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend review 9-7-13 - 9-8-13.

 This weekend we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls. This is the first time I have ever been here before. This was Melissa's second time. It was about an hour drive for us. Towards the end of the hour, I was getting really restless and antsy. The Ice Caves were an hour drive in total too but, we stopped at the Fish Ladder first. Anyways, seeing the falls was amazing. It really is awe inspiring. The sheer magnitude of the water flowing and the long drop from the top. We without further ado, the pictures.

I was trying to capture the mist in the sun ray. It kind of worked.
Have I said anything about my love of the panorama picture feature on the iPhone yet? 

The news said it was going to be sunny and about 75 degrees or so. I think it was like 80. A gorgeous Washington day.

 After we were finished looking at the falls, we headed up the road to the Northwest Railway Museum and the Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory.

This was built in 1890.


This log is 11'6" at the base and weighs in at 39 tons.
 After the museum, we headed across the street to the Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory. There isn't any pictures after the one below, because the food was so delicious I couldn't stop to take pictures. Ha ha.

Melissa and I are actually contemplating taking the hour drive again for this delicious burger. No kidding, it's that good.
 We had a great day in Snoqualmie. Like I said, the drive got to us, but it was worth it. Oh and just for the record, what in the hell is up with the traffic in Monroe!?!? We were stuck for what seemed like an hour.

 Sunday I had to do some yard work, but afterwards I got to barbecue. We had Hawaiian shish kabobs.

Excellent photo by Melissa. Yeah I know it's still kinda burned but I'm getting better. Ha ha.
 We had another great adventure and I am so proud of us. We have gone so far out of our comfort zone that I actually believe we have made a new one. Maybe, I'm still hearing the rush of water in my head, but I can't wait for more and more adventures. I feel exhilarated by all of this. I loved the hike to the caves, the sound of rushing water over the falls, the new picnic spot we found called Picnic Point. I have had so much this summer I can't even believe it. And to top it all off, we have done this on a budget. Snoqualmie Falls was about 60 bucks.

 Someone made a snotty ass attitude comment to Melissa, saying , "Well look at all the things you and Ben are doing!" Yeah, exactly, look at all we're doing around home and on a budget. We planned these summer adventures out months before summer was even a blip on the calendar. We are not able to drop everything on a whim and take weeks vacations. We know that, that's why we plan and save and save to do what we do. And you can see from my post's, we have had an amazing summer, filled with adventures. End of rant. Sorry, but I get frustrated by bullshit comments.

 As the summer is winding down, and fall starts to show itself, ever so slightly in the air. I will be able to sit back, close my eyes and picture all of this. Till next time.

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